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How to invest if you’re worried a recession is coming

A growing number of investors, policymakers and others say the US economy may be at risk of spiraling downward. A finance professor explain… Read more

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The states with the most (and least) expensive college tuition

Some states have more financially accessible public universities than others. Read more

Brazil's rainforests are burning at a record rate. The fires could strike a devastating blow to the fight against climate change

Massive rainforest fires are blotting out the sun in Brazil. Scientists warn that if the disaster reaches a point of no return, the Amazon could become a dry savannah — pumping carbon into the air, instead of removing it. Read more

Florida officials investigating why panthers are stumbling, falling down

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has seen eight panthers and one bobcat in various degrees of a neurological condition. Read more

Photos: Looking back at Prince Harry through the years

Britain's Prince Harry has often tried to keep his private life private, but most recently he's come under some public scrutiny over his an… Read more

At least 27 people have been arrested over threats to commit mass attacks since the El Paso and Dayton shootings

More than two dozen people have been arrested over threats to commit mass shootings since 31 people were killed in one weekend this month i… Read more

Curious Kids: How does the stuff in a fire extinguisher stop a fire?

Most fire extinguishers work by separating fuel from oxygen. Read more