Columbus Telegram - Rejected-card

Account Notice

Dear %%$first%% %%$last%%,

The credit card we have on file for your monthly automatic payment plan has declined.  Please contact us by doing one of the following:

  • Call customer service toll free at 1-877-680-6397.
    If you want to bypass the automated system you can do the following:
    1. Say “something else” when prompted
    2. Say “speak to a customer service rep” when prompted
    3. Say “no” when asked if you’d like to hear the options again 

Please update your credit card information to make sure you don’t have any interruption in your service.


The Columbus Telegram Customer Service

Please don’t reply directly to this automatically-generated e-mail message. If you have questions regarding payment, your newspaper subscription, or your account status, please contact our Customer Service team at 1-877-680-6397.