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Top 7 places to visit in Taiwan

Taiwan is often overshadowed by other East Asian destinations, like South Korea and Japan, but the Ilha Formosa (or beautiful island, a name given by Portuguese sailors when they first spotted the destination) delivers stunning nature, dynamic cities and delicious street food that will make you wonder why it's still flying under the radar. Read more

Branson mourns for 17 killed in sinking of packed duck boat

BRANSON, Mo. (AP) — The country-and-western tourist town of Branson, Missouri, mourned Friday for more than a dozen sightseers who were killed when a duck boat capsized and sank in stormy weather in the deadliest such accident in almost two decades. Read more

New Jersey bans smoking on beaches and in parks, butt ...

LONG BRANCH, N.J. (AP) — Gov. Phil Murphy has signed a bill banning smoking at the state's public beaches and parks, but local communities can opt out and set aside small smoking sections. Read more

EU nations help Sweden as wildfires rage above Arctic Circle

HELSINKI (AP) — Sweden is fighting its most serious wildfires in decades — including blazes above the Arctic Circle — prompting the government to seek help from the military, hundreds of volunteers and other European nations. Read more

'More than a gym

MATT LINDBERG The Columbus Telegram

When people think of the YMCA, working out and sweating are some of the first things to come to min… Read more


TASTE OF THE TOUR: Nutty pastry fingers in Mende

VALENCE, France (AP) — After a brief respite, the Tour de France heads for the heights again on Saturday when almond and hazelnut pastry fingers point the way for surviving riders through terrain featuring ancient artworks and fanciful architecture. Read more

Japan Parliament OKs law to allow up to 3 casino resorts

TOKYO (AP) — Japan's parliament on Friday approved a contentious law allowing up to three casino resorts to open in this wealthy nation and possibly lure more foreign visitors. Read more

Owners may demolish pyramid home in Illinois after fire

WADSWORTH, Ill. (AP) — An estimated $3 million in fire and water damage following a fire at a pyramid home guarded by a pharaoh statue in suburban Chicago may force the owners to knock the tourist attraction down. Read more


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Six surprising ways to travel for free or on the cheap

Were it not for the cost, many of us would spend significantly more time on vacation. The following free and cheap travel methods are certa… Read more

Photos: Romania's Merry Cemetery where people 'laugh at death itself'

The Merry Cemetery in the northwestern village of Sapanta is a collection of more than 1,000 elaborate wooden Orthodox crosses etched with … Read more

Stay entertained on a road trip

A car ride of 12 hours? No problem, with these tips for how to pass the time. If you don't see your favorite way to keep entertained on a r… Read more

Celebrating our national park record breakers

As our National Parks system celebrates its 100th birthday, take a look at some highs and lows from around the country. Read more

Photos: For this Amazon cult, happiness is a cup of ancient psychedelic tea

The Ayahuasca brew is sacred to Ceu do Mapia villagers, who use it in rituals that blend Indian beliefs with Roman Catholicism. Read more

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3-D technology to be tested for carry-on bags at JFK Airport

NEW YORK (AP) — Travelers at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York will soon experience a test of more advanced, three-dimensional imaging to screen carry-on bags. Read more

Belgium airspace closed for 2 hours over technical glitch

BRUSSELS (AP) — Belgium's airspace was closed off for landings and departures for about two hours on Thursday afternoon because of a technical glitch in the data system of the air safety control center. Read more

Man sent to jail for Maui road rage encounter with tourist

WAILUKU, Hawaii (AP) — A Hawaii man was sentenced to eight days in jail for a road rage encounter that resulted in damage to a car and a tourist getting punched last year. Read more


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