This week we feature the Senior Leisure league that bowls on Tuesdays at Westbrook Lanes. 

This seven-team league bowls 34 weeks with the league divided into 17 week halves. The league champion is determined by the team with the best overall record between the winners of each half. 

Last year’s champions were the Spare Shooters - Larraine Austin, Dee McCarthy, Bob Hopp and Gary Muth.

At the start of league play last week (Nov 27th), the Spare Shooters sat in first place with a 48-12 record. 

The high team game of a 859 belongs to the Spare Shooters. The Hurricanes own the high team series with a 2302. Gene Zeilinger, Jim Anson, Charlie Wozny, John Morinelli and Denise Reese make up the Hurricanes.

On the individual side, Wozny has the high game for the men with a 269.  Muth has the high series with a 741 and the high average with a 221. For the ladies, Denise Reese has the high game with a 210 and the high series with a 549. The high average belong to both Reese and Linda Rieck with a 159. 

Following league play last week, the Spare Shooters clinched the first half.  They now have a 8.5 game lead with four games to go in the first half. 

Not only did they claim the first half title, they shot both the high team game and series with a 791 and a 2303. The Spare Shooters also set a new season high for team series with a 2303. 

On the individual side, a couple of Spare Shooters teammates led the way.  Muth led the men with a 267 (+46) game and a 716 series.  Austin’s 190 (+37) game and 525 series led the ladies for the afternoon.

There was one bowler that shot at least 75 pins over his series average. Dan Austin carries a 157 average, he shot games of 196-173-181 for a 550 (+79) series. 

There were nine other bowlers that shot games at least 30 pins over average.  Leading the way was Dennis Smith with his 238 (+80), Wozny’s 266 (+65), John Atkins rolled a 188 (+59), Butch Paben was next with a 233 (+55), Morinelli had a 213 (+46), Hopp shot a 223 (+43), Dan Rief’s 221 and Tami Clark’s 186 were both 36 pins to the good, and last, but not least, Marv Shalon had a 202 (+35). Nice bowling to one and all.

High bowlers of the week at Westbrook included Brandon Silvey shooting a 279 for the men while yours truly had the high series with a 757. Shayla Long paced the ladies with a 244 game while Shawna Woosley put together the top series at 657.

Shayna Hogan led the ladies for the week at Boulevard with a 246 game and 612 series while Shane Gottschall led the men with a 290 game and a 769 series.

Until next week, both the Boys & Girls Varsity teams will be competing at the Nebraska High School State Championship this weekend. 

There will be eight teams competing for the Class A Championship.  They bowl at Hollywood Bowl in Lincoln starting on Saturday at 9 am.  Both teams will bowl four games on four different pairs of lanes. 

The teams are seeded one through eight with the winners moving on to the title match Sunday at Sun Valley Lanes also in Lincoln. The girls compete for the Class A title at 11 a.m. with the boys following at 4 p.m.

Chuck McCarthy is a freelance writer for The Columbus Telegram. Check out his weekly editions of Kegler's Korner every Thursday.  

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