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If you have home insurance, you may think your home and belongings are covered—but the best way to protect your assets is to double up with a home warranty. Here are 3 reasons every homeowner should have a home warranty.

1) They cover kitchen appliances.

If a pipe bursts, you call your insurance company. If your dishwasher starts flooding, turn to your warranty. Warranties can be purchased for relatively small fees per month, but help you cover big expenses like a refrigerator, washer/dryer, or dishwasher that simply stops working from normal wear and tear.

2) They cover HVAC systems.

Nothing is worse than your heat going out in the middle of winter, or your air conditioning breaking down on a 100-degree summer day. HVAC repairs can present sudden, unexpected expenses that home warranties are designed to cover. With a home warranty, a licensed technician will come out and assess the problem, and if the breakdown is due to wear and tear, a contractor will make the repair for a significantly reduced rate while the home warranty pays the rest.

3) It’s perfect for hard-to-insure add-on amenities.

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Most home warranty companies will cover things that traditional insurance won’t, including pools or home spas. If you’ve invested a significant amount in a less common amenity for your home, a home warranty can help you protect it.

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