A man impersonating a police officer stopped a woman driving on Interstate 80, ordered her from her car and searched it early Wednesday, the York and Seward county sheriffs said.

The woman, who is from Seward County, was stopped three miles east of York by a man driving a dark-colored SUV with emergency lights at 5 a.m., according to a news release.

The man, dressed in a dark-colored uniform with a dark ball cap, said she was acting suspicious and wanted to know if she worked at a York interchange motel, the release said. 

After he ordered her from her car and finished his search, he let her go without issuing a warning, citation or asking to see her driver's license or vehicle registration, the release said. 

York County Sheriff Dale Radcliff and Seward County Joe Yocum determined the man was not working for either of their agencies or the Nebraska State Patrol or Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. 

Anyone who is being followed by a vehicle and unsure if it is a law enforcement emergency vehicle should call 911 and tell the dispatcher their location and vehicle description to determine if an officer is trying to stop them, Yocum said.

Dispatchers can see where deputies are and can summon help if it is an impersonator, he said.

If the driver can't call 911, he or she should drive to the nearest well-lit public place where witnesses are present before stopping, Yocum said. 

Seward County deputies are looking out for the impersonator, he said. 

Anyone with information on the case should call either the York County Sheriff's Office at 402-362-4927, the Seward County Sheriff's Office at 402-643-4578 or the Nebraska State Patrol at 402-471-4545. 

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