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COLUMBUS – BigIron Realty, formerly known as Stock Realty and Auction Company, accommodated its growing staff by moving to a new location at 4860 33rd Ave.

“Our organization continues to grow and that’s why we needed more space,” said Ron Stock, co-owner and founder of BigIron Realty.

Before the move, certain staff members had to share spaces or give up their own to other employees.

The new space allows the organization to continue its growth and actively recruit employees on a yearly basis.

“I think all businesses need to grow,” said Mark Stock, who is also the co-owner and founder of BigIron Realty. “If they’re not growing, they’re slow and we’ve been fortunate and blessed that the people that we’ve done business for continue to refer us to their friends and families so our business continues to grow.”

The company first came to Columbus in the early 1990s and housed its official headquarters. With 27 real estate agents on board, the company is known for its private listings and auction sales of properties – mainly farmland – located in Nebraska, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma and South Dakota.

BigIron Realty uses four techniques to sell farmland. One of the steps includes private treaties where offers are taken directly to the seller. Ron said about 90 percent of real estate agents sell properties using this method.

The other approaches consist of three types of auctions: public, private and online.

“When you sell a farm with BigIron Realty, any one of the three auction methods are unreserved,” Ron said. “And that’s what makes it work.”

Unreserved auctions are sales where seller’s don’t put a reserve price on their items or land.

The company has a number of loyal customers and families. The company also accepts customer payments for items sold by its sister organization, BigIron Auction.

The newly-bought building was built in 1995 and is in the process of being remodeled. The owners are hoping to have the open house in June.

They were previously located at 4121 23rd Street for 15 years. The new building is 13-times bigger and is a professional business building with numerous office spaces. The owners hope to invite businesses that can complement their corporation to rent out the available spaces.

They strive to provide high-quality products for their customers, including sale bills. The company invested in its own printing equipment for sale notices and bills. By having such technology readily available, it allows the company to stay economical by reducing waste. Staff members can choose a specific amount of products to produce.

“We grew up on a farm so it is very important to us that there’s no waste,” Ron said.


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