The birth of a new baby is a huge life change, no matter whether it’s the first or fourth child. Through Bump & Beyond prepared childbirth classes, it has allowed parents to ease this transition and make their experience with the birth of their child the best it can be at Columbus Community Hospital.

Through this class, parents learn more about the labor, birth and postpartum experience. The more knowledge about a situation, the more comfortable, less scary and enjoyable the birth process may be. Bump & Beyond empowers parents to be an active part of their birth experience. It helps to prepare and present options for their birth experience.

These classes are taught by the very OB nurses who will care for you in labor. As a teacher of the Bump and Beyond classes, I have had the pleasure to start to get to know the incredible patients and their families who will soon be coming to see us on the OB unit.

I think the hospital experience can be a scary one, but seeing a familiar friendly face helps to ease fears and make their experience a great one! It has been a pleasure watching mothers and their support team grow and empower themselves to make decisions in the birthing process. The format of this class is a comfortable, relaxed environment that encourages questions and discussion between parents, labor support person(s) and the healthcare team.

Bump & Beyond is offered in two class formats to cater to the busy lifestyles we know our patients have. We alternate monthly between a night, three-week series and a weekend express class. The three week series is held from 6-8:30 p.m. Monday night.. The weekend express is held from 6-8:30 p.m. Friday night and from 8 a.m. through noon Saturday morning. Please refer to columbushosp.org or call the CCH Maternal Child Health Department at 402-562-3266 for more information and specific class dates.

This article was written by Micala Dempcy, RN, BSN, CLC.

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