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Marie Muhle celebrated her 105th birthday on Wednesday.

COLUMBUS — Marie Muhle moved to Columbus with her family in a very unique mode of transportation by today's standards — a horse and buggy.

“I remember the weather being nice and warm,” Muhle said. “The ride from Monroe was very smooth and I moved here in that carriage with my parents and brother and sister, Richard and Lorraine.”

Muhle reflected on her long life Wednesday while celebrating her 105th birthday.

The Morys Haven resident was born in 1912 and grew up on a farm just outside the Columbus city limits.

Sue Cahill, activities director at Morys Haven, said Muhle’s day-to-day life on the farm was not as smooth as the carriage ride, but soon came together for her.

“I married my husband Clarence in 1933,” Muhle said. “Then I worked at Dale Electronics and retired after working for 20 years.”

Marie and Clarence enjoyed 36 years of marriage before his death in 1969. The couple had five children.

Cahill helped Muhle settle into her room after a filling birthday lunch. A neatly wrapped cupcake topped with icing and chocolate chips sat on her lap.

“You got something in the mail today,” Cahill told her. “It’s a card from your grandkids.”

Muhle’s face lit up like a birthday candle as her eyes scanned the card’s contents.


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