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COLUMBUS – Columbus Police pulled back on the extra patrols officers had been mounting in recent days following the early-morning capture Monday of a former Columbus man at a farmhouse in rural Nance County.

Police officials had beefed up local patrols Friday when 41-year-old Jeremy Kudron was placed on walkaway status in Lincoln after not showing up for his unsupervised work release on Friday.

Nance County Sheriff’s Office, the Nebraska State Patrol, Boone County Sheriff’s Office and Albion Police Department participated in arresting the escapee after a brief struggle.

Kudron is serving a 15-year jail sentence for charges including kidnapping, terroristic threats and assaulting a peace officer committed in Platte, Nance, Merrick and Hall counties, according to the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services.

Court documents in the Platte County case described a weekend ordeal in 2009 that began on a Friday evening during the first week of November when Kudron abducted his 28-year-old estranged wife from the parking lot of a Columbus bowling alley.

The incident culminated with a high-speed chase that began in Grand Island Sunday morning and concluded with Kudron surrendering to authorities following a three-hour standoff at his stepfather’s farmhouse northwest of Silver Creek.

In telephone conversations with authorities during the November standoff, Kudron threatened to “end things like in Texas” and told officers he was going to “cut the line into the house from the propane tank, fill the house with propane, light a match and blow everyone up.’’

(A Nov. 5 shooting at Fort Hood, located just outside Killeen, Texas, killed 13 people and wounded 30 others.)

After surrendering and being arrested by authorities, Nance County Chief Deputy Sheriff Mark Monroe said in an arrest affidavit, Kudron attempted to escape while being transported to jail in Columbus.

Monroe’s statement said Kudron injured a Nance County deputy and damaged the deputy’s cruiser during his escape attempt, which was thwarted by other officers.

The injured deputy was treated for minor injuries at Genoa Hospital and Kudron was transported to Columbus Community Hospital, where he was decontaminated from pepper spray, Monroe said.

At the time of the Columbus abduction, Kudron had been out of the Platte County jail a little more than a week after being arrested for a protection order violation Oct. 26.



Jim Osborn is a news reporter at The Columbus Telegram.

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