According to state law, “fines, penalties, and license money shall be appropriated exclusively to the use and support of the common schools ... .” An exception is fines for overloaded vehicles. Seventy-five percent of those funds go to state highways; 25 percent go to the county general fund where the fine or penalty is paid. Fifty percent of money forfeited or seized in enforcing drug laws goes to counties for drug enforcement. Vehicles seized in drug law cases may be used by law enforcement agencies or sold with the proceeds going to schools.

County Court

Criminal Sentences

Christopher Reeder, 24, 1618 16th St., excessive window tinting, $25 fine; muffler required in proper working order, $25 fine and court costs.

Jacob Ritterbush, 21, 217 E. 22nd St. #28, possession of marijuana one ounce or less, first, $300 fine; violate stop/yield sign, $75 fine and court costs.

Brian Gumm, 41, 2009 24th St., driving under suspension before reinstated; $75 fine and court costs.

Shawn Howell, 51, 24823 265th Ave., driving under suspension before reinstated; $75 fine and court costs.

Scott Plummer, 38, Omaha, stalking-misdemeanor offense, jail one year with credit for 18 days served; domestic assault third-degree, jail 90 days, served consecutively, and court costs.

Andrea Rice, 22, 2670 47th Ave. #4, attempt Class IV felony; probation 12 months and  court costs.

Allen Waymire, 47, Cedar Rapids, driving under suspension before reinstated, $75 fine; failure to use seat belt, $25 fine and court costs.

Dorothy Garcia, 30, Columbus, theft-shoplifting $0-500; $250 fine and court costs.

Ashley Jensen, 24, 1321 15th St., unauthorized use of financial transaction device under $500; jail 60 days and court costs.

Katrina Brezenski, 21, 141 Road F, issue bad check $0-500; $75 fine and court costs.

Abigail Wehrs, 28, Norfolk, reckless driving, first; $250 fine and court costs.

District Court

Criminal Sentences

Jason Bender, 44, 1059 24th Ave., attempt Class IV felony (distribution of hazardous controlled substance), probation three years, restitution $140; possession of controlled substance; probation three years served concurrently, and court costs.