According to state law, “fines, penalties, and license money shall be appropriated exclusively to the use and support of the common schools ... .” An exception is fines for overloaded vehicles. Seventy-five percent of those funds go to state highways; 25 percent go to the county general fund where the fine or penalty is paid. Fifty percent of money forfeited or seized in enforcing drug laws goes to counties for drug enforcement. Vehicles seized in drug law cases may be used by law enforcement agencies or sold with the proceeds going to schools.

Criminal Sentences

Christopher Helmick, 44, 4009 E. 28th St. #719, driving under suspension, jail 5 days; possess/use drug paraphernalia, $100 fine, court costs.

Jaime Luna-Rosado, 38, 2877 St. Francis Dr., DUI .15+; jail 2 days with credit for one day, probation 6 months, revoke license one year, $500 fine, court costs.

Rodrigo Mejia, 24, Schuyler, driving under suspension; $75 fine, court costs.

Miguel Espino-Coria, 24, Schuyler, no proof insurance; $50 fine, court costs.

Kyle Fiala, 20, 112 N. Rose Ln., driving under suspension; $50 fine, court costs.

Sarah Steffen, 26, 3030 29th St., no proof insurance; $50 fine and court costs.

Miguel Torres, 19, 2512 26th St., possess/use drug paraphernalia; $100 fine, court costs.

Erick Velez, 18, 3114 38th St., possess marijuana one ounce or less-1st; $300 fine, court costs.

Gage Juracek, 18, 963 26th Ave., leave accident-fail to furnish information-1st; $150 fine, court costs.

Russell marking, 45, Leigh, attempt class I misdemeanor; probation 12 months, court costs.

Jeremiah Miller, 21, Omaha, leave accident-fail to furnish information 1st, $150 fine, restitution $4,577.13; no proof insurance, $50 fine; reckless driving 1st, $250 fine; no operators license, $75 fine; follow too closely $50 fine and court costs.

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