According to state law, “fines, penalties, and license money shall be appropriated exclusively to the use and support of the common schools ... .” An exception is fines for overloaded vehicles. Seventy-five percent of those funds go to state highways; 25 percent go to the county general fund where the fine or penalty is paid. Fifty percent of money forfeited or seized in enforcing drug laws goes to counties for drug enforcement. Vehicles seized in drug law cases may be used by law enforcement agencies or sold with the proceeds going to schools.

Criminal Sentences

Eunice Garcia, 28, 872 30th Ave. #6, refuse to submit to test-1st, probation 6 months, revoke license 60 days, $500 fine; possess marijuana one ounce or less-1st, probation 6 months, $300 fine, court costs.

David Miller, 45, 28515 175th Ave., driving under suspension; $75 fine, court costs.

Fernando Ramirez, 25, Schuyler, disturbing the peace; $500 fine, restitution of $479.51, court costs.

Cameron Delrosario, 28, 3363 Kozy Dr., criminal mischief; jail 30 days, restitution $1,119, court costs.

Armando Sanchez, 53, 3951 E. 21st Ave. #32, no operator's license; $175 fine, court costs.

Ethan Vesely, 22, (no address), third-degree assault; jail 180 days with credit for 112 days served, court costs.

Kasey Foulk, 37, 1667 28th Ave., driving under suspension; $75 fine, court costs.

Jose Hernandez, 30, 2817 15th St., theft-unlawful taking $0-500; jail 2 days with credit for 2 days served, court costs.

Octavio Horta, 20, 2058 37th Ave., possession marijuana one ounce or less-3rd, jail 2 days, $500 fine (11/29); possession marijuana one ounce or less-3rd, jail 2 days, $500 fine (1/12), and court costs.

Jack Aldredge, 40, 1110 5th St. #6, criminal mischief; $100 fine, restitution $310, court costs.

Abe Kirkendall, 33, York, issue bad check $0-500; $75 fine, court costs.

Brenna Standingcloud, 24, 1154 39th Ave. #6, disturbing the peace; $500 fine, court costs.


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