According to state law, “fines, penalties, and license money shall be appropriated exclusively to the use and support of the common schools ... .” An exception is fines for overloaded vehicles. Seventy-five percent of those funds go to state highways; 25 percent go to the county general fund where the fine or penalty is paid. Fifty percent of money forfeited or seized in enforcing drug laws goes to counties for drug enforcement. Vehicles seized in drug law cases may be used by law enforcement agencies or sold with the proceeds going to schools.

Criminal Sentences

Troy Beringer, 24, Fremont, stalking-misdemeanor; $250 fine, $1,247.28 restitution, court costs.

Rosa Deanda, 44, 1267 26th Ave. #2, no proof insurance, $50 fine; speeding 11-15 mph over, $75 fine, court costs.

Jakob Delozier, 20, 1754 45th Ave., contribute to delinquency of child; $300 fine, court costs.

Jennifer Milosich, 42, 1622 12th St., theft-unlawful taking $0-500; $175 fine, restitution of $130, court costs.

Mitchell Ridgway, 35, 55 Lakewood Dr., DUI .08-3rd; $1,000 fine, jail 30 days with credit for one day served, probation 18 months, revoke license 2 years.

Hon Chase, 37, 1718 Woodland Dr., DUI alcohol-2nd, $500 fine, probation 12 months, revoke license 18 months; disturbing the peace, probation 12 months, court costs.

Kathleen Lehr, 61, Duncan, DUI-alcohol-1st; $500 fine, probation 6 months, revoke license 60 days, court costs.

District Court

Cole Shatto, 22, Platte County Detention Facility, possession of controlled substance; custody department corrections for 18 months with credit for 44 days served, post-release supervision 12 months, court costs.


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