COLUMBUS — A Columbus woman is accused of waving a firearm around and threatening her ex-husband when he arrived to pick up children during a confrontation at a 26th Avenue residence late last week.

Platte County Court Judge Frank Skorupa set bond for Sarah Kamm at $100,000, 10 percent allowed for release, during a brief hearing Tuesday morning via video link from the county jail in connection with the 7 a.m. incident Friday.

Kamm interrupted Skorupa’s remarks several times before the judge asked the defendant if she wanted her bond to be set or not. The 35-year-old city woman then quieted down and listened to the judge.

Skorupa scheduled Kamm for a Feb. 15 felony first appearance hearing and ordered her not to be in possession of a firearm and not to go within three blocks of the 26th Avenue residence.

Kamm has been charged with making terroristic threats, assault-menacing, third-degree domestic assault and unlawful acts related to drugs.

The threats charge is a Class 3A felony, punishable by up to three years in prison, 18 months of post-release supervision and a $10,000 fine. The assault and unlawful acts charges are all misdemeanor offenses.

A Columbus Police investigation got underway Friday morning with Kamm’s ex-husband reporting he received a phone call notifying him his former wife was “acting crazy” and asking him to come to the house and get the boys.

The woman who was caring for the children reported Kamm went to the 26th Avenue home while wielding a firearm, claiming that the kids were not safe with her ex-husband, according to Officer Jeff Uhl’s arrest statement.

The ex-husband, Uhl wrote in his statement, said his former spouse approached him and opened her hand, which contained a bullet for a semiautomatic assault rifle.

According to her ex-husband, the defendant said “I swear to God, if anything happens to the boys this is for you,” Uhl reported.

The officer had earlier seized eight rounds from an SKS assault rifle, which the ex-husband identified as matching the round he saw during the incident.