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The Merrick County Sheriff’s Office investigated several reports of manure dumped on rural roads northeast of Grand Island.

The Merrick County Sheriff’s Office is used to cleaning up messes on its rural roads near the east edge of Grand Island — junked cars, dumped litter, animal cruelty cases.

But it’s spent the last few days on the scent of a truck driver who illegally left four loads of manure piled alongside county roads.

“It just clogged the ditches,” said Sheriff John Westman. “It was a pretty large dump.”

The sheriff's office posted photos and details on its Facebook page Saturday, and more than 20,000 people took a look, and some of them came forward with tips.

After a deputy started chasing the Facebook leads, the sheriff’s office was contacted by a nearby trucking company that picks up and disposes of manure. The company said it sounded like something one of its drivers did, apologized, and promised to haul it away, Westman said.

“If it’s not already cleaned up now, it should be today,” he said Tuesday.

The manure likely came from the JBS Swift packing plant in Grand Island, the sheriff said. It would typically be buried or spread on farm fields.

“But to make it more cost-effective for them, they just dumped it in the county,” he said.

He didn’t identify the trucking company. His office hasn’t cited the dumper yet but the case was still open, he said.

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