Chuck Jensen

Members of the Quail Run Thursday Night Men's League watch a fellow golfer tee off earlier this month. Chuck Jensen, middle, has owned Stack-n-Steak restaurant for 36 years and said he's in favor of rebuilding the damaged portion of the course because it benefits businesses in Columbus such as his.

1. "Residents weigh in on future of Quail Run" (July 6)

Columbus is in the midst of a conversation with itself that has been ongoing since mid March.

Lingering winter weather combined with a rapid temperature increase and wreaked havoc across Nebraska, specifically, south of Columbus at Quail Run, has resulted in intense local debates about what the future should look like at the city's only 18-hole public golf course.

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2. "Columbus woman wins award for craftsmanship of silicone babies" (July 2)

Victoria Jane Perry’s hobby-turned-profession is one that’s sure to turn a few heads.

The silicone baby sculptor’s creations area so lifelike - down to their fingers, toes, wrinkles, weight, measurements, anatomy, hair and fingernails – that viewing one from just a few feet away undoubtedly will make eyes of an untrained viewer do a double take.

The Columbus woman’s craftsmanship is so refined, in fact, that she freely admits that some people are uncomfortable with the final outcome. Holding a silicone baby, one would almost believe they are holding a real sleeping infant. From the touch to the texture, it’s all nearly spot on.

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3. "Unbreakable spirit: Fischer unafraid to get involved in local efforts" (July 5)

Sandie Fischer isn’t one to stress out and sweat the small stuff in life. After all, she’s a person who soldiered on after practically breaking both her legs at once.

About 25 years ago, Fischer was a volunteer stage crew member for Platte Valley Playhouse, helping out with props and sets for performances. One particular night during a dress rehearsal for an upcoming show, Fischer was helping change the sets in the dark in between scenes when she lost her footing.

“I happened to step right off the stage,” Fischer recalled, laughing as she recounted the incident that resulted in her being in a wheelchair for a while. “I broke the right one (leg) in three places and I fractured the other one. So when they say, ‘break a leg,’ I don’t take it too seriously.”

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4. "Big Boy" steam engine coming through Columbus" (July 4)

Union Pacific’s historic “Big Boy” steam engine will roll through Columbus on two different occasions this summer.

The newly restored Big Boy No. 4014, which is the world’s largest steam locomotive, is returning to the rails for the “Great Race across the Midwest." That will begin at the Steam Shop in Cheyenne, Wyoming on July 8 before making its way along its route through Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

The locomotive will be making two brief whistle stops in Columbus. It's scheduled to arrive at 10:30 a.m. on Friday, July 12, at 26th Avenue crossing and depart the same location about 11:15 a.m. to make its way to its next stop in Fremont. It will return to town at 11:45 a.m. Sunday, Aug. 4, at the 21st Avenue crossing and depart at 12:30 p.m. that same day.

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5. "Brandl girls end 4-H careers with pride" (July 6)

The nerves and emotions Danie Brandl experiences prior to competing in 4-H events are the same as they were when she started all those years ago, and likely elevated since this is her final season of competition.

Heading off to college at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the fall, Danie will showcase her rabbits, cattle and woodworking for the last time before transitioning to becoming a volunteer for Nebraska Extension. Her older sister, Kaydie, was also involved in 4-H in years past and is no longer a competitor. Rather, she is a spectator, excited about seeing what tricks the 4-H’ers of Platte County have up their sleeves.

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