My husband and I searched for years to find the perfect country setting in which to live. We finally did, after eight long years of looking. In all the hustle and bustle of packing, hauling, unpacking, getting the kids back and forth to school, keeping both houses clean, painting rooms in the new house, making meals, constant trips back and forth and getting ready for a family wedding, I forgot all about the library.

When I called all the billing companies to change my address, it didn’t even cross my mind that I needed to contact the library too. We did not have any books checked out during the big move but after we got semi-settled into our ‘new’ old farmhouse, the kids thought driving into town to get some library books would be fun. We all piled into the old minivan, drove down the hill, over the bridge and into town.

When we got to the library, the kids and I eagerly walked in and went upstairs to the Children’s Room. We browsed through the books and DVDs, used the computer catalog to find those certain titles we wanted, looked at all the children’s art, played with the Legos, colored a picture, and played on the children’s computers. When we had all our books ready for check out, we went downstairs to the checkout desk. When I gave the librarian my card, she asked me if my address was still the same.

“Oh, I forgot to let you know!” I said. “We moved out to the country.”

The librarian asked me if we still lived in Platte County.

“Yes, we do.” I told her.

She told me not to worry; my library card would still work, even though I lived outside of the city limits. She just needed to update my account for me. She told me that if I lived, worked, or went to school in Platte County that my library card was still free.

“That’s wonderful!” I said. “My family would be lost without the library!”

She asked for proof and I was able to show her my new checks with my current address on them. She went on to tell me that the bookmobile comes to my area, and she gave me the bookmobile schedule. She showed me that I could use my library card at both the bookmobile and the library downtown. I could return books at either location no matter where I checked them out. This goes for anyone with a library card. Amazing! At the time, I didn’t know how the librarians kept everything organized and sorted but I certainly appreciated the services they provided. I’ve since learned some of the detailed and dedicated processes that librarians follow to keep things organized and appreciate even more the work that goes into it.

With my family’s accounts updated, we asked about programs at the library. There is so much going on for summer reading fun this year! Registration starts June 4 and all programming information is in the packet you will receive when you sign up. There are summer reading programs for all ages, so mom and dad can sign up for prizes in the adult program, big sister can sign up for the young adult program, and little brother can sign up for the children’s program. Registration is free and program attendance is not required, but so rewarding!

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