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A sewer line project stretching north along 48th Avenue from 42nd Street to Lost Creek Parkway is in the process of being bid out by City of Columbus officials. The action was approved by Columbus City Council members earlier this week.

A sizable infrastructure project navigating north down 48th Avenue is in the process of being bid out after the Columbus City Council earlier this week gave unanimous approval.

The construction work will include the extension of sewer and water mains along 48th Avenue from 42nd Street to Lost Creek Parkway. Sanitary Extension District work includes the extension of 12-inch sanitary sewer mains, manholes, street under-crossings, de-watering, bypass pumping and other related work, according to released information from the City of Columbus.

Water Extension District work includes the extension of 18-inch water mains, fire hydrants, fittings, de-watering and other related work. But projects are part of the 2- and 10-year City of Columbus Utility plans. The council on Monday approved the plans, specifications and engineer’s estimate of cost in the amount of $550,000 for both projects, along with giving the nod for city officials to go out for bids.

"Because of all the expansion that we are seeing in that area and with more traffic, we need to finish that road the way that it should be done,” Mayor Jim Bulkley said.

The total fiscal impact of the project is estimated at $670,000. Funds are being allocated from the Capital Improvement budget. City Administrator Tara Vasicek elaborated on the mayor’s comments, specifically highlighting Pillen Family Farms breaking ground on its new headquarters in the general vicinity.

“The city some time ago got a request to make public improvements on 48th Avenue to serve the Pillen project that’s going on there on the southeast corner of 48th (Avenue) and Lost Creek Parkway,” Vasicek said.

The bid deadline for the sanitary/water extension district project is about two weeks, and the city administrator said that the goal is to have the project contracted in the early weeks of August. The goal is to have the project completed at the end of this construction season before winter strikes.

Vasicek said that another project – not priced with the sanitary/water extension districts - was supposed to be in the works simultaneously: a pavement improvement project along 48th Avenue extending to Lost Creek Parkway. That project, though, is being bumped to construction season 2020.

“With the flooding and all the contractors getting called out for all of that (the project was delayed),” she said. “We were able to get several of our projects that we planned on getting done this year still bid and ready, but a few of them, with this being one, are getting pushed to – we are hoping – early next construction season.”

While the project is underway, Vasicek said that traffic patterns shouldn’t be impacted too much – maybe only for brief periods of time.

The $550,000 budgeted for the upcoming bid is a portion of the total projected project lump sum of $670,000.

“There was quite a bit of survey work before work could even be bid,” Vasicek said. “So that amount came out of this number ($670,000), and there might be some other work that comes out of that number. This ($670,000) is the amount for the whole thing.”

Sam Pimper is the news editor of The Columbus Telegram. Reach him via email at sam.pimper@lee.net.

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