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The Columbus City Council on Monday will hear a resolution that with passage would award a Shelby woman with at least one residential property in town thousands of dollars related to necessary property relocation because of future construction of the 12th Avenue viaduct.

With the completion of the Third Avenue viaduct and 18th Avenue pedestrian overpass, city staff has their eyes on the new project.

Passage of the resolution would provide moving expenses in the amount of $3,075 and re-establishment expenses of $25,000 to property owner Mary L. Perry. Perry purchased a residential home from the City of Columbus at auction and reestablished it at the replacement site, 953 26th Ave., according to Staff Report information. Her previous property was located at 1204 11th St.

Perry is entitled to receive reasonable and necessary moving and related expenses. Perry removed three appliances; a washing machine, stove and refrigerator. The Nebraska Personal Property Only Move Schedule for vehicles, boats, trailers and appliances allows for a $50 payment for one appliance and $10 for each additional appliance up to a maximum of four appliances per trip. Perry is eligible to be paid $70 for these moving expenses, according to released information from the city.

The moving of a three-car garage off of the property makes Perry eligible for another $3,000, and including the costs incurred from moving appliance, a total of $3,075.

Preparing the new replacement site cost Perry more than $30,000 and the city with resolution passage would write Perry a check for $25,000.

In other Council news:

*Three local businesses are making applications for new liquor licensing during a public hearing. Casey’s Retail Company, doing business as Casey’s General Store, is making an application for a Retail Class “D” Beer, Wine and Distilled Spirits, Off-Sale only liquor license at 2671 33rd Ave.

John Castanedo, doing business as Taqueria Vallarta Mexican Food, is applying for a Retail Class “C” Beer, Wine and Distilled Spirits, On- and Off-Sale liquor license at 1520 17th St.

Gokie C-Stores, doing business as Fast Mart, is applying for a Retail Class “D” Beer, Wine and Distilled Spirits, Off-Sale only liquor license at 3222 23rd St.

*The Council will hear a resolution that with passage would approve an addendum to the Ineterlocal Agreement for East Central Region 911 Emergency Communications Equipment Sharing by adding Hamilton County as a participant.

According to Staff Report information, in 2013, the City of Columbus entered an interlocal agreement with Platte, Boone, Butler, Polk, Merrick, Nance and Saunders counties with the purpose of sharing 911 emergency equipment.

*The Council will hear an ordinance on first reading that with passage would approve an Easement agreement with Level One Properties, doing business as The Friedhoff Room at Schweser’s, to use a portion of its sidewalk area for outdoor seating.

*The Council will hear two ordinances on second reading. One ordinance would ban roosters within corporate city limits with limited exceptions, and the other with passage would amend the city’s tobacco code in relation to vapor and alternate nicotine products.

*One ordinance comes before the Council for third and final reading. The ordinance, No. 18-49, would amend a section of City of Columbus code regarding license requirements for operation vehicles and amending the color of safety flags used in the operation of utility-type vehicles.

Sam Pimper is the news editor of The Columbus Telegram. Reach him via email at

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