COLUMBUS — The campus was alive with the sound of music as Central Community College-Columbus hosted the Nebraska School Activities Association District II Music Contest.

From choirs to marching bands, soloists to pianists, nearly 500 area students came together over three days to compete last week.

Lakeview High School band director Jen Himanga’s students finished up their performance Friday afternoon.

“I’m proud of my kids," she said. "I think we performed pretty well, but it’s ultimately up to the judges.”

Individual and group performances were critiqued by judges and awarded ratings ranging from I — the best — to V.

Elisabeth Cunningham, a junior at Lakeview and part of the percussion ensemble, knew her group could have done better, but she still had hopes to receive a III rating.

“We had a few minor errors in our performance but that’s going to happen,” she said. “We’re a smaller group so naturally it is obvious when we mess up.”

When the results were released, the group earned a I rating.

“It is always great to see all of these high school students on campus. It’s exciting for them because not many of these schools get to compete like this,” said Willie Piitz, CCC-C student accounts director and organizer of the contest. “It’s a positive experience that we enjoy being a part of.”

Participating high schools included Clarkson, Columbus Public, Lakeview, Scotus Central Catholic, Cross County, David City Aquinas, David City Public, East Butler, Fullerton, High Plains, Howells-Dodge, Humphrey Public, Humphrey St. Francis, Leigh, North Bend Central, Osceola, Schuyler Central, Shelby-Rising City and Twin River.

Area results are:

Columbus: Groups -- Rating I: Band, barbershop quartet, girls duet, girls trio, jazz band, jazz choir, mixed chorus, mixed double octet, men’s vocal ensemble, mixed octet, percussion ensemble #1, percussion ensemble #2 and trumpet trio. Rating II: Flute and clarinet duet, flute duet, low brass trio ensemble and mixed duet. Rating III: Clarinet duet and trumpet duet.

Individuals -- Rating I: Samuel Baue, male voice; Cameron Burma, alto saxophone; Kara Dierman, female voice; Ryan Ernst, alto saxophone; Ashley Franzen, baritone; Rebecca Hackett, flute; Jessica Humphrey, French horn; Nathan Kruger, bass clarinet; Annalee Kuehler, percussion; Benjamin Loeffelholz, percussion; Cameron Pospisil, percussion; Deanna Purkerson, female voice; Mia Scott, female voice; Stephanie Sparling, female voice; Paige Stadler, female voice; Tyler Veseth, trumpet; Mariah Watchorn-Dies, female voice; Monica Weber, female voice; and Taylor Weinmeister, clarinet. Rating II: Brock Bourek, male voice; Jordan Olson, trombone; Brandon Perkins, trumpet; Mia Scott, piano; Arron Storms, male voice; and Abbygail Wilson, flute. Rating III: Emily Grant, clarinet.

Lakeview: Groups -- Rating I: Boys duet, girls double septet, girls duet B, girls duet D, percussion ensemble and show choir. Rating II: Boys septet, flute sextet, girls duet C, girls trio, mixed double septet, mixed duet and woodwind sextet. Rating III: Band, brass trio, flute and saxophone duet and girls duet A.

Individuals -- Rating I: Cayla Cuba, clarinet and female voice; Torie Egger, female voice; Jade Higgins, female voice; Samantha Hoadley, flute; and Hannah Mauer, piccolo. Rating II: Alexandra Asay, flute; Cayla Cuba, piano; Chase Gronenthal, male voice; Madison Hilbert, female voice; Amanda Humlicek, female voice; Stephany Lopez, female voice; and Nicholas Lutjens, trombone.

Scotus Central Catholic: Groups -- Rating I: Band, girls duet, jazz choir, saxophone duet and trombone quartet. Rating II: Boys vocal ensemble, clarinet trio, girls vocal ensemble, mixed chorus, mixed duet B, mixed instrumental quartet and trumpet ensemble. Rating III: Mixed duet A, mixed duet C, mixed duet D.

Individuals -- Rating I: Lucas Cox, trombone; Carly Cremers, trumpet; Jacob Nienaber, male voice; Elizabeth Preister, piano; Brady Przymus, male voice; Ashlea Rinkol, flute; Daniel Strecker, male voice; and Melissa Thalken, tenor saxophone. Rating II: Abby Allen, female voice; Phillip Levos, trumpet; Ian Ostdiek, male voice; Teddy Paprocki, male voice; and Adam Smith, male voice.

David City: Groups -- Rating II: Band, mixed brass quartet and mixed chorus. Rating III: Girls duet.

Individuals -- Rating I: Davianne Czarnick, flute, and Emily Wolfenden, percussion. Rating II: Megan Fiala, trumpet; Matthew Lunde, trumpet; Konner Magnuson, alto saxophone; Riven Prochaska, alto saxophone; Kylie Sauter, violin; and Wesley Unger, baritone. Rating III: Sadee Jack, female voice.

David City Aquinas: Groups -- Rating I: Mixed chorus, saxophone quartet, small vocal ensemble #1 and trumpet trio. Rating II: Band, clarinet quartet, flute duet, girls duet, jazz band, mixed duet, show choir and small vocal ensemble #2.

Individuals -- Rating I: Kathryn Aschoff, alto saxophone; Elizabeth Dewispelar, baritone; Olivia Fiala, flute; Colin Hain, male voice; Brittany Hilfker, clarinet; Mikayla Kadlec, baritone saxophone; Morgan Kavulak, female voice; Heath Ketteler, trumpet; Katie Shonka, female voice; Vanessa Whitmore, baritone; and Victoria Whitmore, tenor saxophone and violin. Rating II: Michelle Brezina, flute; Staci Hoeft, female voice; Mikayla Kadlec, piano; Peter Reiter, male voice; William Reiter, piano; and Vanessa Whitmore, violin.

East Butler: Groups -- Rating I: Band, clarinet trio ensemble, girls double duet, girls vocal ensemble, saxophone and low brass ensemble, and trumpet ensemble. Rating II: Boys vocal ensemble and mixed chorus.

Individuals -- Rating I: Jordan Fuehrer, baritone; Hunter Helman, tuba; Alissa Hummel, clarinet; Kyler Hummel, trombone; and Jared Zysset, alto saxophone. Rating II: Moriah Barta, female voice; Hunter Helman, male voice; Amber Karber, female voice; Mitchell Krenk, male voice; Emily Reimer, female voice; Lauren Rezac, clarinet; Brittany Timoney, trumpet; and Nyla Witzel, trumpet.

High Plains: Groups -- Rating II: Band and trumpet and baritone duet. Rating III: Women’s chorus.

Individuals -- Rating I: Dawn Spencer, female voice.

Humphrey: Groups -- Rating I: Band. Rating II: Mixed duet and mixed vocal ensemble.

Individuals -- Rating I: Sadie Mach, female voice; Maddie Moser, female voice; and Kenny Osten, male voice. Rating II: Jordan Martin, tenor saxophone; Brandy Robak, female voice; and Brittany Thompson, female voice.

Humphrey St. Francis: Groups -- Rating I: Girls duet, girls vocal ensemble, mixed duet, mixed quartet and mixed vocal ensemble. Rating II: Boys duet, mixed double octet, mixed octet A, mixed octet B and mixed triple trio 2. Rating III: Boys quartet, mixed chorus and mixed triple trio 1.

Individuals -- Rating I: Andrea Arreguin, female voice, and Lynn Slama, male voice.

Leigh: Groups -- Rating I: Girls triple trio. Rating II: Band, girls sextet and girls trio.

Individuals -- Rating I: Shelby Fuhr, clarinet, and Sheila Reichmuth, alto saxophone.

Osceola: Groups -- Rating I: Choir ensemble. Rating II: Band, flute choir ensemble, girls duet A and girls duet B. Rating III: Girls quartet.

Individuals -- Rating I: Brittany Merry, female voice, and Karlee Pinney, female voice. Rating II: Erika Burritt, female voice; Garrett Davidson, male voice; and Mary Kate Steele, trumpet. Rating III: Mary Kate Steele, female voice.

Schuyler Central: Groups -- Rating I: Band, clarinet quartet, mixed vocal ensemble and mixed vocal quintet. Rating II: Boys vocal trio, flute duet, mixed chorus and mixed duet. Rating III: Girls duet.

Individuals -- Rating I: Megan Jedlicka, female voice; Jennifer Lopez, piano; Rudiz Pineda, male voice and trumpet; Ana Rodriguez, female voice; Sergio Roman, male voice; and William Semerad, tuba. Rating II: Marcos Carias, clarinet; Jose Corona Jr., male voice; Judit Estrada, flute; Viridiana Lopez, piano; and Nataly Orozco, flute.

Shelby-Rising City: Groups -- Rating I: Girls duet. Rating II: Band, trumpet duet and women’s chorus.

Individuals -- Rating II: Kodie Aeschliman, female voice; Micaela Onate, female voice; and Holden Vavricek, alto saxophone. Rating III: Nathan Luchsinger, tenor saxophone, and August Prososki, female voice.

Twin River: Groups -- Rating I: Girls ensemble, mixed chorus and mixed vocal ensemble I. Rating II: Band, boys ensemble, boys trio and mixed vocal ensemble II.

Individuals -- Rating I: Jackie Clement, female voice; Mattie Fehringer, clarinet; Josh Noecker, male voice; and Samantha Wattier, female voice. Rating II: Payton Cherry, female voice; Blake Fehringer, tenor saxophone; Jaidra Gehring, female voice; Riley Otto, female voice; Brianna Van Winkle, female voice; and Ben Zwiener, male voice.

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