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COLUMBUS-- Last year, students in Jan Went’s Information Technology Applications (ITAPPS) class were assigned a special graphic design project.

The Lakeview High School class is centered on working with design elements on computers, so this assignment was nothing new to its students. Several teams worked together to plan and layout posters as part of the Career and Technical Education (CTE) month this February.

Went said the posters needed to include areas in which CTE covers.

“What we were working within were six different areas,” Went said. “Those are business, agriculture, family and consumer sciences and skilled and technical sciences. Health management and applied science can go along with what CTE stands for, too.”

Once the posters were completed, Went entered them into a contest the Nebraska Department of Education held for CTE month.

“I went to the Nebraska Career Education Conference last June and they announced the winners of the contest,” Went said. “Then we were told there were two winners from the same school. That was surprising. I was even more shocked when I found out it was Lakeview.”

While there is normally one winner to claim the annual prize, Went said committee members found details in both Lakeview posters they liked.

Lakeview student Gracie Borer worked with Emily Van Cleave to produce one of the winning posters.

“Both of us like to design things for fun,” Borer said. “So we tried out a few different things.”

The winning posters were submitted to the Association for Career and Technical Educators in Nebraska. Went said there are 400 educators, administrators, career counselors and business partners that sponsor the contest.

“There are copies of both posters all over the state now,” Went told her winning students. “The ACTEN uses them as examples and guides.”

Van Cleave was surprised to hear this news.

“I’m really proud that we won,” she said. “Gracie and I had a really difficult time organizing it, so I’m relieved someone thought we did that great of a job. All that work didn’t go to waste.”

Went said this is the first year ITAPPS won this award. This is not, however, the first time Lakeview students have been recognized for their design projects. Another winning graphic designer, Navaya Metcalfe, won another contest last year.

“There was another project to design billboards,” Went said. “It was for T for C, or Time for Change. They were the ones who sponsored the contest. Navayah won it and her very own billboard was right across from Earl May, I think.”

Other Lakeview students, Went said, went on to work for Nebraska Life magazine and advertising with the Professional Golf Association.

“You don’t have to be artsy to be able to design something like this,” Went said. “In this case, it’s just all about application and knowing how to use computers.”

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