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Matt Lindberg, newly-hired managing editor of the Columbus Telegram, David City Banner-Press and Schuyler Sun, begins his duties Monday, May 7.

For nearly the past two years, Lindberg has served as the managing editor of the Montrose Daily Press in Montrose, Colorado. He and his news team recently won 19 Colorado Press Association awards, including the categories of General Excellence and Editorial Sweepstakes.

Prior to accepting his position in Montrose, Lindberg worked at award-winning newspapers in North Carolina and Colorado serving in numerous capacities. He worked as a sports writer and news reporter, news editor and managing editor.

Lindberg is a 2008 graduate of the William Allen White School of Journalism at the University of Kansas. Joining him in Columbus is his wife of almost nine years, Sarah; 6-year-old son, David; 2-year-old daughter, Riley; and the family’s two dogs, Bella and Rocky.

Publisher Vincent Laboy said Lindberg’s industry experience and skillset will continue propelling the Columbus, Schuyler and David City markets in the right direction.

“I’m excited to bring Matt to Columbus,” Laboy said. “Not only is Matt a professional, but also a good family man and friend. I’ve enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner with Matt and his family and they are down to earth, fun-loving people. This move puts him closer to both sides of family and allows him and Sarah to raise their kids in the best part of our wonderful country.”

While journalism is a rapidly evolving field, Lindberg emphasized the continual need for hard-hitting local news outlets.

“A strong local news presence is imperative,” he said. “The newspaper is meant to be the lifeblood of a community. You can read about what’s happening around the world all over the internet, but the local media’s focus is covering you and what’s happening in your community, things you can’t find on CNN and other national media outlets.”

Managing newspapers for three different communities places Lindberg in a unique situation that his predecessors didn’t experience. Managing an open line of communication with local and area community leaders will be paramount moving forward, Laboy said.

“Matt’s role will be a bit different than past editors, he will be in charge of creating a cohesive newsroom that will cover Columbus, David City and Schuyler. It’s a big task and this model allows us to maintain a viable weekly newspaper in David City and Schuyler. Yes, every community will want priority, and that will be a challenge. We will have to work with every individual community’s leaders to make this work.”

Lindberg said that his passion for journalism started around the time he was in first grade. His mother, he said, noticed his writing prowess and encouraged him to cultivate it.

“Some people talk about how they can’t figure out what they want to do with their lives; I’m fortunate in the sense that I’ve pretty much always known I wanted to share people’s stories. Everyone’s got one.”

Added Laboy: “Matt is multi-dimensional in his newsroom’s storytelling. I expect our online, Facebook and Twitter presence to grow. Timely stories may break on a multi-media platform with more in-depth stories with further details following in print. Our print subscribers automatically get full access to our online presence, and they will find more variety and news available to them soon … I’m confident that under his leadership the Columbus Telegram, David City Banner-Press and Schuyler Sun will collectively be better products.”

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