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The Platte County Lifestyle Coalition (PCLC) is a grassroots effort to create a culture of health in our community. PCLC encourages people to move more, eat healthier and get proper rest so they can live their healthiest lives.

I have the good fortune to represent Central Community College (CCC) on this coalition, and their mission is personally important to me. Two years ago, it came to my attention that I had all the risk factors for Type 2 diabetes. I realized walking my short-legged dachshund a couple days a week was not enough cardio, eating fat-free candy was not a good substitute for a healthy snack and replacing sleep with three diet, caffeine drinks was not exactly healthy.

Recognizing that determination and education were key to living a healthier lifestyle, I signed up for the National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP) at Columbus Community Hospital and got involved with the PCLC.

I learned so much from the NDPP course materials and facilitators about the health risks of diabetes and ways I could prevent the disease and I went to work to change my health. I logged my food, started a workout program with a personal trainer and committed to taking some classes. It wasn’t an easy year, but I am now happy to report that I look and feel so much better. Serving on the PCLC has been another great opportunity for me to learn what our community offers to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

As you know, wellness, personal health and fitness are watchwords in today’s society. CCC offers a number of classes each semester to give you the tools to change your life, whether it’s beginning a new healthy lifestyle, starting an exercise program or learning a new skill.

If you are interested in a non-credit class, CCC’s Community Education program offers a variety of healthy lifestyle classes. I’d invite you to consider taking an arts or craft class or a course to enhance your culinary skills. If you’re thinking of starting a new hobby, you will find painting, floral arranging, loom weaving and quilting, just to mention a few.

In addition, during the fall session, CCC will offer a beginning golf class and a number of classes for the gardening enthusiast, including pickling vegetables, pruning, terrariums and herb topiaries. As far as credit courses, CCC offers nutrition, personal health, first aid/CPR and a walking and jogging course. There are endless possibilities and we are here to help you find the right class for you.

I encourage you to get inspired and make a change in your life by taking a class or two from CCC. You can find CCC’s course schedules at www.cccneb.edu or call the campus and I will personally help you find a class that fits your needs.

The PCLC’s messages for people of all ages are to move more, eat well, stress less, love more and sleep well. I urge you to love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle.

For more information, contact me at: Karin Rieger, Associate Dean; Extended Learning Services; Central Community College; Platte County Lifestyle Coalition Member; 402-562-1222 or krieger@cccneb.edu.

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