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“Animals are inspirational. They don’t know how to lie. They are natural forces.” - Charles Bukowski

Today is the day. Today is the day. Today is the day you can start licensing your four-legged friends. Today is the day to make your dogs and cats legal in the City’s eyes. It is the perfect gift for your four-legged family members. Every pet deserves a little bling in its life and Animal Control can be your pet’s jeweler.

When a pet wearing its license is picked up at large, Animal Control and the Columbus Police Department will attempt contact with the owners. We will come to your home and call you in an attempt to return your pet before taking it to the shelter.

Licensed pets are three times more likely to get home. People tend to return animals quicker if they see that the animal is tagged.

Your pet will get prompt medical attention. That does not mean that we do not get medical attention to unlicensed Animals but Vet Clinics are more likely to treat a client’s pet than a stray. This would ensure that if picked up injured we can take your pet to its normal vet clinic.

It is the law. Nebraska State Statutes state that each community has the right to govern pet licensing how they see fit.

Nebraska State Statute 71-4402 states that all domestic animals in the state of Nebraska is to be vaccinated against rabies with a licensed Veterinarian. In cases of bites Animal Control would have a record on whether the animal is vaccinated or not if the animal is licensed.

Animal Licenses can be picked up at Animal Control 1462 25 Ave. or more of the vet clinics. Licenses are $13 for spayed or neutered pets and $25 for intact animals. A current rabies vaccination certificate is needed when coming into Animal Control.

Animal Control also offers Lifetime Licenses. The pet must be spayed or neutered and microchipped to get these tags. They are good for the life of your pet. These prices are $100 for pets under the age of 5 and $50 for pets over the age of 5. After getting the license, all the owner will have to go is have their vet fax rabies information after each booster is given.

Owners that have failed to license in the past have gotten citations and even spent time in jail for refusal or failure to license their pets. Animal Control would rather not have this happen.

On Nov. 19, 2018, the Columbus City Council approved a ban on Roosters within the city limits. They have been deemed a public nuisance.

Youth in 4H and in FFA are exempt from this ban. Normally they participate in raising animals during the months of April through August and September. They raise the roosters for county and state fairs.

Animal Control will be provided a list of participants from the FFA adviser and the 4H adviser. This list will be provided to Animal Control and the Police Department to verify participation during the Fair season. Anyone not on this list will be in violation and subject to any enforcement. Participants are still responsible for noise complaints.

Shawn Flowers is the lead animal control officer for Columbus Animal Control.

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