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Platte County

Curtis & Stacey Pospisil, H&W; Charles & Gloria, H&W & Calvin & Katie Pospisil, H&W, to John & Rose Wiese, H&W – Part of N1/2 NW1/4 Sec 2-20-4W $296,000.

Meadow Ridge Properties LLC to Nicholas E & Elaine K Groene, H&W – Lot 5, Meadow View Addn, City of Cols $45,000.

Meadow Ridge Properties LLC to Granville Custom Homes Inc – Lots 1, 2 & 3, Blk A, Meadow Ridge 7th Addn, City of Cols & Lots 2 & 3, Blk B, Meadow Ridge 7th Addn, City of Cols $225,000.

Roger F Mueller, sgl, to Timothy T Long – Lot 19, Blk A, Whitetail Lake 1st Subdiv, located in SW1/4 Sec 30-17-1E $250,000.

Pamela M & Keith R Pfeifer, W&H, to Loveleigh Lane LLC – Part of Lot 8, Blk 1, Ottis 1st Addn, Humphrey $120,000.

Double J Pork LLC to Tyler J Campbell – Part of NE1/4 Sec 34-20-1W $1,090,000.

Nicole Lehr f/k/a Nicole Preston & Drake Lehr, W&H, to Ronald E & Kristin K Stock, H&W – Part of Lots 2 & 3, Blk C, Becker’s Subdiv of Outlot 8, City of Cols $160,000.

Danielle & Jesse Valenti, W&H, to Mario Garcia Martin & Marva Mirosalva Torres Jureidini, H&W – Lot 4, Blk C, Monastery Rd Addn, City of Cols $165,000.

Berthe Jeanine Kounkoud & Gilbert Makita, W&H, to Lisandra Alvarez Parrado – Lot 3, Blk 1, Thiele 3rd Subdiv, located in the SE1/4 Sec 16-17-1E $242,000.

Granville Custom Homes Inc to Gilbert Makita & Berth Kounkoud, H&W, and Merveille Makita, sgl – Lot 9, Blk B, Park Place 6th Addn, City of Cols $317,000.

Larry D & Mary Ann Marik, H&W, to Brendon J Findley – Part of Lot 3, Blk 219, Original City of Cols $170,000.

Daniel A Ernst & Michelle Townsend Ernst, H&W, to John R & Sylvia E Coffey, H&W – Part of E1/2 NE1/4 & Govt Lot 1, Sec 4-16-1W $154,000.

Matthew J & JaNae N Pence, H&W, to Renel E Diaz Pajaron & Yudelvis Arias Cardsos, H&W – Lot 9, Blk A, Centennial Park 2nd Addn, City of Cols $188,000.

Eugene William & Bonnie Mae Labens, H&W, to Wifredo A Orozco Clemente & Vilma G Marroquin Ortega, H&W – Lot 4, Blk R, North Park 3rd Addn, City of Cols $171,000.

Dale Shanle a/k/a Dale A Shanle & Phyllis Shanle a/k/a Phyllis A Shanle, H&W, to Dale A & Phyllis A Shanle, H&W – Part of NW1/4 Sec 24-19-4W; N1/2 NE1/4 Sec 20-19-3W; NW1/4 NW1/4 Sec 11-18-3W & E1/2 SE1/4 Sec 8-19-3W (Tax Exempt).

Butler County

Marianne & Karl Ziethen, W&H, to Sabino W & Maria Hernandez, H&W – Lot 11, Blk 29, Original Town of David City $15,000.

Michele M Yindrick, sgl; Joseph J Jr & Delaine Yindrick, married; William C & Melissa Yindrick, married & Nicole A & James Sylvester, married, to Dyaln M & Danielle C Spatz, H&W – N1/2 SE1/4 Sec 25-15-3E & N1/2 SE1/4 Sec 25-15-3E $281,000.

Eric J Yindrick, married, to Dylan M & Danielle C Spatz, H&W – N1/2 SE1/4 Sec 25-15-3E & N1/2 SE1/4 Sec 25-15-3E (Tax Exempt).

Cynthia K Schulte, sgl, to Danielle K Scheele, married – An undivided ¼ interest in E1/2 NE1/4 Sec 30-13-1E (Tax Exempt).

Mark & Sandra K Fuller, married, to Ashley Brooke Coburn, sgl – Lots 1, 2, 3 & 4, Blk 8, Original Town of Bruno $17,000.

Cynthia K Schulte, sgl, to Jay William Scheele, married – An undivided ¼ interest in E1/2 NE1/4 Sec 30-13-1E (Tax Exempt).

Jeanne Ingwersen, sgl, to Gerardo Pedraza Castillo, married – Lots 2 & 3, Blk 3, Litty’s 2nd Addn, David City $70,000.

Jerry L & Norma A Hofpar, H&W, to Eric J & Sara L Hofpar, H&W – W1/2 NE1/4 Sec 20-14-4E (Tax Exempt).

Fredrick Bougger a/k/a Frederick Bougger & Susan Bougger a/k/a Susan M Bougger, H&W, to Jason J Bougger & Timothy L Bougger, brothers – An undivided ½ interest in Part of SW1/4 Sec 3-14-3E (Tax Exempt).

Jessica J Pernicek n/k/a Jessica J Johnson & Jesse L Johnson, W&H, to Jason Miller, sgl – Part of Lot 5, Blk 22, McAlvin’s Addn, Brainard $67,000.

Colfax County

Juan Mentado Silverio to Jacobo Ardiano & Esmeralda Ortez, H&W – Part of Lots 3 & 6, Lots 4 & 5, Blk 30, Original Town of Schuyler $85,000.

Richard L Mundil, sgl, to K&L Brass Rail LLC – Lots 18, 19 & 21, Part of Lots 20 & 22, Blk 5, Town of Clarkson, Now City of Clarkson $80,000.

Colfax County, Nebr School District #123 a/k/a Schuyler Community Schools, Colfax County Nebr f/k/a Colfax County, Nebr School District #43 to Jerry J & Rose M Mundil, H&W – NE1/4 Sec 4-17-4E $156,000.

Vicki L Wilke, sgl, to Muhle Properties LLC – S1/2 SE1/4 Sec 29-19-2E; N1/2 NE1/4 Sec 32-19-2E; S1/2 NE1/4, Part of S1/2 NW1/4 E1/2 SE1/4 Sec 32-19-2E; SE1/4 SE1/4 Sec 32-19-2E & W1/2 SE1/4 Sec 32-19-2E (Tax Exempt).

Polk County

Clarence R Johnson, sgl, to Marlene Marie Duffy – Part of Sec 16-14-2W $4,000.

Steven L & Kristine A Line, H&W, to Line Property Management LLC – Part of Govt Lot 4 & Island #1 Sec 2-15-3W and Part of Govt Lot 1 & Island #3 & #4 Kendall R & Tammy A Perry, H&W, to Khara Perry – Part of Lot 4, Lot 5, Blk 1, Matter’s Addn, Shelby $125,000.

Polk County School District No 72-0015, to Gary Allen – Lot 7, Blk 5, Morrill’s Addn, City of Stromsburg (Tax Exempt).

Kelly & Jo Marie Johansen, H&W, to Gregory E & Denice A Kresha, H&W – W1/2 SW1/4 Sec 33-16-2W $680,000.

Randy R Korger, unmarried, to Karen A & Robbie Koch, W&H – NE1/4 Sec 18-15-1W $1,090,000.

Brian L Umstead, sgl, to Melissa M Chess – SW1/4 Sec 34-15-3W (Tax Exempt).

Stan P Wendland, married, to Nancy D & Brian L Anderson – Part of SW1/4 Sec 10-14-2W $100,000.

Nancy D & Brian L Anderson to Stanley P Wendland – N1/2 NW1/4 Sec 1-14-2W; SW1/4 SW1/4 and the W1/2 SE1/4 SW1/4 Sec 36-15-2W; NE1/4 SW1/4 and the S1/2 SE1/4 SW1/4 Sec 36-15-2W & E1/2 NE1/4 Sec 32-4-4E $295,000.

Arlette D Johnson, Trustee of the Arlette D Johnson Revocable Living Trust, & Jane M Johnson, Trustee of the Jane M Johnson Revocable Living Trust, to Rue H & Deborah D Johnson, H&W – An undivided ½ interest being the entire interest of grantors Part of SE1/4 SE1/4 SEC 14-14-3W $156,000.

Property transfers compiled by ARL Credit Services


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