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Platte County

Steve Lloyd’s Rentals LLC to Denise Pecks – Part of Lot 2, Quail Landing 1st Addn, City of Cols $239,000.

John C & Rita M Hoebing, H&W, to Joseph A & Elizabeth M Lawrence, H&W – Lot 46, Christopher’s Cove 1st Subdiv, City of Cols $360,000.

Westside Industrial Corp to Letters 53rd Properties LLC – Lots 2 & 3, Blk B, Westbrook Addn, City of Cols $164,000.

James H Paul & Valerie D Paul f/k/a Valerie Lee, H&W, to Stephanie M Weverka – Part of Lot 4, Blk 2, Speice’s Subdiv of Outlot 4, City of Cols $127,000.

Alice S & James J Ernst, W&H, to Shelby Lumber Co Inc – Lot 50, Estates at Lake Oconee 6th Subdiv, Part of NW1/4 & Part of NE1/4 Sec 18-17-1W $90,000.

Ruddy Dubon & Maria De La Luz Rodriguez Del Campo a/k/a Ma De La Luz Rodriguez Del Campo a/k/a Maria Luz Dubon to Jorge G Garay Quintanilla & Mirna E Quintanilla, both sgl – Lot 11 & Part of Lot 12, Blk G, East Park 3rd Addn, City of Cols $240,000.

David L & Joan Mullin, H&W, to Logan Bronson a/k/a Logan D Bronson & Jennifer Bronson a/k/a Jennifer J Bronson, H&W – Part of Lot 1 & Lot 2, Blk B, Mueller’s Addn, City of Cols & Lot 3, Blk B, Mueller’s Addn, City of Cols $148,000.

David L & Carol L Foster, H&W, to Bret A & Lynn L Liermann, H&W – Lot 7, Blk H, Wagner Lakes Subdiv, City of Cols $257,000.

Bret A & Lynnette L Liermann, H&W, to Hector Rivas & Karina Cantu, H&W – Lot 5, Blk 271, Original City of Cols $230,000.

Jeremy J & Tisha L Kula, H&W, to Jose S Aguilar Garcilazo & Cynthia M Aguilar Rincon, H&W – Lot 2, Blk C, Hellbusch 5th Addn, City of Cols $205,000.

Kevin L & Susan M Jaixen, H&W, to Jeremy & Tisha L Kula, H&W – Lot 5, Blk B, Indian Hills 4th Subdiv, Part of NE1/4 Sec 8-17-1E $285,000.

Buck Island LLC to Journey’s End LLC – Gov Lot 7, Sec 33-17-1E & Part of Gov Lot 6, Sec 33-17-1E $205,000.

C. Ronald Lambert & Charlotte K Lambert, H&W, to Letters 53rd Properties LLC – Lot 4, Blk B, Westbrook Addn, City of Cols $119,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Cols to Tiffany L Middleton – Lot 4, Blk B, New Hope Addn, City of Cols $145,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Cols to Tlali M Garcia – Lot 3, Blk B, New Hope Addn, City of Cols $145,000.

Albert L & Marla J Wells, H&W, to C & P Rentals LLC – Lot 6, Blk 1, Smith’s Addn, City of Cols $100,000.

David L & Karen A Muhle, H&W, to David L Muhle – Lot 2, Granville Homes Subdiv, Administrative Subdiv of Lots 3 & 4, Ryan Long Subdiv, City of Cols (Tax Exempt).

Denise A Pandorf, unmarried, to Robin K Eberhardt – Lot 5, Blk C, Fox Hollow 4th Addn, City of Cols $330,000.

Donna R & James E Hoffman, W&H, to James E & Donna R Hoffman – Part of Lot 4, Blk 15, Stevens Addn, City of Cols (Tax Exempt).

Quinton Hauck, sgl, to Marilyn K Campain – Lot 4, Blk 211, Original City of Cols (Tax Exempt).

Marilyn K Campain a/k/a Marilyn Campain & f/k/a Marilyn K Sode, sgl, to Dennis M Yates a/k/a Dennis Yates – Lot 4, Blk 211, Original City of Cols $80,000.

Butler County

Kevin J & Amy Slama, married, to Paul E & Linda K Chatelain – Part of E1/2 NW1/4 Sec 11-14-1E (Tax Exempt).

Colfax County

David J & Barbara L Doernemann, H&W, James A & Shelley A Doernemann, H&W, to James A & Shelley Doernemann, H&W – Part of Outlot G, City of Clarkson $95,000.

Heidi A Hamilton, married, to Benedictine Mission House – Part of N1/2 NW1/4 Sec 26-18-3E $78,000.

Heath & Michele Clausen, H&W, to Charmayne Brabec, sgl – Lot 4, Staab’s Addn, Village of Leigh $8,000.

Timothy Blake, Michael Lewis & Paul Draper to Manuel Acosta, Joel Alfonso & Marco Chopin – Part of Blk 48, Clarkson’s 4th Addn, City of Schuyler (Tax Exempt).

Michael F & Patricia K Recker, H&W, to Thomas H Guenther – Lot 8, CBK Subdiv of Lot 8, Brodecky’s Addn, Village of Howells $130,000.

Polk County

Larry L & Caryl D Colson, H&W, to Jodie Young – Lots 7, 8 & 9, Part of Lot 10, Blk 1, Town Co’s 1st Addn, City of Stromsburg $132,000.

Paula J & David A Rollins, W&H, to Paula J Rollins – Part of S1/2 SW1/4 Sec 17-13-3W; Part of SW1/4 Sec 20-13-3W; E1/2 SW1/4 Sec 18-13-3W; S1/2 SE1/4 Sec 18-13-3W & Part of SE1/4 Sec 19-13-3W (Tax Exempt).

Jason D & Kellie S Rosenkranz, H&W, to Ryan & SunniJo Cooper, H&W – Lot 1, Blk 4, Morrill’s Addn, City of Stromsburg $104,000.

Elycia R Avers f/k/a Elycia Rose Short, sgl, to Colby Andersen, sgl – Part of Lot 1, Blk 6, Buckley’s 1st Addn, City of Stromsurg $120,000.

Michael S & Lori A Klein, H&W, to Matthew B & Shirley J Vickinovac, H&W – Tax Lot C, NW1/4 Sec 23-13-2W $39,000.

OL Properties LLC to Jerri R & Francis J Keenan, W&H – Lot 30, Heron Point Lake Subdiv $125,000.

Murray G & Muriel Lindburg, H&W, to Jerome J & Joann L Westring, H&W – Undiv 1/2 Int, Part of Blk 18, Ekeley’s Addn, City of Stromsburg $7,000.

Diana Hutchison, unmarried, to Benito & Nicole Marie Rodriguez, H&W – Part of Lot 10 & Lot 11, Blk 1, Smith’s 4th Addn, City of Osceola $88,000.

Property transfers compiled by ARL Credit Services


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