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ARL Credit Services

Platte County

Dwight A & Mary Jo Loseke, H&W, to Ryan W & June E Loseke – Part of NE1/4 NW1/4 Sec 30-18-1E $158,000.

Alois J & Wilma J Kosch, H&W, to Alois J, Wilma J & Gordon G Kosch – Lot 22, Blk H, East Park 2nd Addn, City of Cols (Tax Exempt).

Clinton D & Mandy J Kamm, H&W, to Tyler Kamm – Lots 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15, Blk18, Original Village of Duncan $118,000.

Granville Custom Homes Inc to Alejandro Rodriguez & Paula Vasquez, H&W – Part of Lot 1, Blk C, Farmview Addn, City of Cols $265,000.

Scot V Rosendahl, sgl, to BeYoutiful Boutique & Gifts LLC – Parts of Lot 2, Blk 84, Original City of Cols $620,000.

Granville Custom Homes Inc to Leonard R & Jeanne M Anderson, H&W – Part of Lot 2, Blk C, Farmview Addn, City of Cols $285,000.

Alan G & Lori J Jarosz, H&W, to Trevor A Jarosz – Lot 2, Blk A, Schumacher 2nd Addn, Village of Platted Center $105,000.

Anthony J Beiermann a/k/a Anthony James Beiermann & Rebecca L Beiermann, H&W, to Anthony J & Rebecca L Beiermann, H&W – Lot 4, Blk D, North Gate 2nd Addn, City of Cols (Tax Exempt).

Emily Mauch, sgl, to Thomas & Kelsea Vander Velde, H&W – Lot 5, Blk 12, Village of Creston $116,000.

Michele J Flowers, sgl, to Matthew B Soward & Stacy L Soward a/k/a Stacy Soward, H&W – Lot 5, Valley View 2nd Subdiv, SW1/4 NW1/4 Sec 1-17-1W $255,000.

Kimberly Michelle Nuelle n/k/a Kimberly Miller & Matthew Eugene Miller, W&H, to Osmel Almoguea Perez, sgl & Rosalia Espinosa Guerra, sgl – Lot 2, Blk 243, Original City of Cols $146,000.

Robin K Reardon to Justin R & Megan L Bebb, H&W – Lot 7, Country Club Estates Subdiv, Part of NE1/4 Sec 2-17-1W $292,000.

Eldon A Wurdinger, sgl, to Teresa Madrigal & Arturo Romo, W&H – Lot 6, Blk 140, Original City of Cols $195,000.

Butler County

Sue & Leonard Vidlak, married, Betty & Gary Hruska, married, Patricia & Todd Gill, married, Craig & Kristin Vanis, married, Jessica & Jeff Brau, married, Jennifer Vanis, sgl, Jason & Katie Vanis, married & Rose M Vanis, sgl, to Jessica Ann Dawkins, sgl & Smith Valley Land & Cattle Inc – NW1/4 SE1/4 Sec 5-16-3E $162,000.

Angela D Miller f/k/a Angela D Blum to Angela D Miller – Lot 15, Blk 7, Original Town of Octavia (Tax Exempt).

Colfax County

Schuyler Community Development Agency of the City of Schuyler to Granville Custom Homes Inc – Lot 16, Water Tower Subdiv, City of Schuyler (Tax Exempt).

Paul W & Monica B Hull, H&W, to Nadia G Morales – Lot 7, Blk B, Northview Addn, City of Schuyler $190,000.

Heidi A Hamilton & Marsha Polys to Pinnacle GC Inc – Part of NW1/4 Sec 34-18-3E $55,000.

Jason R & Ashley R Mullenhoff, H&W, to Michael J & Sandra K McMullin – Lots 12 & 13, Blk 2, Railroad Addn, Village of Leigh $63,000.

Michael J & Sandra K McMullin, H&W, to Jason R & Ashley R Mullenhoff – Part of Lot 9, Lots 10 & 11, Blk 2, Railroad Addn, Village of Leigh $4,000.

Milo F Brichacek, sgl, to Milo F Brichacek – SE1/4 SW1/4 Sec 29-19-3E (Tax Exempt).

CSNJ Properties LLC to Clay Hills Ag LLC – NW1/4 Sec 20-17-2E $1,100,000.

Edgar Alarcon Velez & Adriana Alarcon, H&W, to Mario Marino – Part of Lots 1 & 2, Blk 33, Clarkson’s 1st Addn, City of Schuyler $75,000.

Nance County

James R & Julie A Dubas, H&W, to Bradley R & Deena N Wetovick, H&W – Part of SW1/4 Sec 36-17-6W $285,000.

Robert L Hundt a/k/a Robert L.P. Hundt, sgl, to Mitchell W & Angela A Lane, H&W – Lot 7, Blk A, Fee’s Addn, Town, now City of Fullerton $20,000.

Brent A & Tonya R Beekman, H&W, to Robin & Angela Cauthon, H&W – Lot 6, Blk 7, Original City of Genoa $85,000.

Daniel E & Carolyn S Stetz, H&W, to Terry L Wondercheck, sgl – Part of E1/2 SE1/4 Sec 11-16-6W $16,000.

Paul J & Debra L Jarecke, H&W, Dennis E & Julie C Jarecke, H&W, to Phil R Etzelmiller – Lots 3 & 4, N1/2 SE1/4 Sec 34-16-5W $526,000.

Property transfers compiled by ARLCredit Services


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