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Q&A: Dr. Lauren Jazwick

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Dr. Lauren Jazwick

Dr. Lauren Jazwick

Dr. Lauren Jazwick will join the ear, nose and throat (ENT) clinic at Columbus Community Hospital this August as its newest otolaryngologist.

Jazwick, a native of Bradshaw, went to high school at Heartland Community Schools in Henderson before she pursued an undergraduate degree at Creighton University. From there, she did her medical school training in Des Moines and a five-year residency at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, where she is currently stationed.

The Telegram spoke with Jazwick about her life, career and this move.

Question: What made you choose Columbus?

Answer: There’s a couple reasons, actually. The first is that I initially did my medical school rotation in Columbus to be closer to my family and closer to my husband, who’s from Platte Center. Then I kind of fell in love with the team at the Columbus clinic, over the years, they’ve kind of become a second family for me. The reason I was drawn to a rural practice and Columbus in particular is that I really want to make relationships with my patients, not just in the hospital, but in 4-H camps, school events, the grocery store and that’s a unique opportunity that rural practices give you.

Q: What made you want to be a doctor?

A: I actually fell into medicine really early in life, I think I was a fourth grader. The reason I started thinking about it was I had just watched the "Patch Adams" movie and I really was inspired by his treatment of his patients and making them better not just with medical treatments but treating the person. I think the further I get down the medical path, what really makes me love my job every day is that it’s really dynamic. It changes, it grows and improves and surgery in particular really combines that cutting edge scientific innovation and getting to apply it to patients’ scenarios. That’s incredibly unique in a career.

Q: What made you pursue a career in ENT?

A: That also brings me back to CCH. In medical school, you don’t start out by picking a career, you get exposed to a lot of different specialties, and my experience into ear, nose and throat (ENT) was introduced to me by Dr. Nila Novotny at CCH. I learned really quickly that the ENT specialty gives you the ability to see patients from newborn up to elderly and you get to develop those lifelong relationships with them. That’s pretty unique in medicine. I was also really into 4-H when I was younger and worked with my mom and grandma sewing clothes and when I was in high school I played a lot of sports. I really particularly liked the skills required to be an ENT surgeon because we work in such small areas of the body.

Q: What does ENT mean? What do you do day-to-day?

A: It's pretty variable. We call it ENT for lack of better words but really I would say we're head and neck. The joke in my family is that I do everything above the clavicle and nothing else. We can do anything from treating ear infections that happen in children to treating head and neck cancers that happen in older patients. We do sinus surgeries, voice box surgery and we also get a small amount of training in plastic surgery dealing with more trauma-related injuries: broken bones, cuts and abrasions.

Q: What do you find most rewarding about this line of work?

A: The innovation is probably the best part about working in ENT. I mean, 10 years ago we weren't doing sinus surgery the way that we do it now. Now we have magnification and scopes on all of our instruments and we don't have to make any cuts. That's probably what I enjoy the most. I also enjoy that one patient I see may be a four-year-old who needs their tonsils out and the next might be an older patient with cancer care. It's such a diverse field that allows me to really extend the patients I treat.


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