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Victoria Joseph, head cheer coach at Columbus High School, said this year’s homecoming candidates are a sight to behold because of a unique coincidence.

After roughly 12 years of homecoming experience, Joseph, who is also a Spanish teacher, said she's never come across a set of triplets and twins being nominated in the same year for homecoming court.

“I’ve seen twins before on a court, but I don’t know if I ever saw a set of triplets. But then, you have them both together and I’ve never seen that,” Joseph said. “So I think it’s really special.”

Joseph said there are approximately 300 students in this year’s senior class and roughly 100 individuals signed up for homecoming court.

Each CHS senior was given the same chance to sign up for homecoming court. When the opportunity arose at the beginning of the school year, it sparked the interests of Brook, Emma and Lauren Benck, who are triplets, as well as twins Megan and Morgan Brewer.

“We would have been fine if one of us made it and the other didn’t,” Megan said. “Like we are always supportive of each other but it was really cool. A good opportunity for us.”

Despite knowing each sibling was interesting in homecoming court, the triplets and twins said they never planned on being selected together. They consist of five out of eight female students who were voted through by the senior class to compete in the final round.

“Seriously, we were not expecting it at all,” said Morgan, who is a cheerleader at CHS and head coach for the Columbus Middle School cheer squad. “We have a really good court this year. They all just super nice people so I’d be happy with anyone who would win.”

The Brewers said it was a special moment when they were both selected in the top 8, noting they’ve been eyeing homecoming court for several years.

“It’s just a cool moment, I think, for high school,” Morgan said.

The Benck and Brewer sisters said they’ve enjoyed their experience being homecoming candidates, noting each individual equally deserved to be crowned.

“All of the other girls are our friends and we really like them so whoever wins, we are going to be so happy for them,” said Brook, who is a CHS volleyball player.

Moments leading up to the crowning on Friday, the Benck and Brewer sisters said they decided to remain active with their peers, sports programs and student organizations rather than running homecoming campaigns.

The entire student body was given the opportunity to vote for this year’s homecoming king and queen until Thursday. The winners were announced on Friday evening after the school’s football game.

“To me, what’s the most exciting thing about (homecoming) is seeing (the winners’) faces light up because to them, it was a really big deal,” Joseph said. “And to them, it might be that quintessential moment of high school like my peers really does look up to me; they respect me.”

Natasya Ong is a reporter for The Columbus Telegram. Reach her via email at

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