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COLUMBUS – Prom season is not merely an occasion for the glitz and glamour, but it also a time for togetherness and celebration.

“It’s a lot of fun,” said co-sponsor Helen Schumacher, English teacher at Scotus Central Catholic High School. “It’s a bonding moment, especially for seniors, to send them off. It’s like that last little magical moment right before its gone.”

Columbus High School, Scotus Central Catholic High School and Lakeview High School held their annual proms Saturday evening. The event gathered hundreds of students all dressed in formal attire.

The junior classes of all three high schools were behind the event planning and prom committee members fine-tuned the decorations and operations. Co-sponsors of the event helped guide the members and made sure that they stay on budget.

“We just like to see how everything comes together and how the kids worked on things and watching their ideas come to life in the decorations and everything,” said co-sponsor Deb Ohnoutka, English teacher at Scotus Central Catholic High School.

Preparations, including decorating, started months prior to the event.

“All of us have been taking our own roles in it,” said Liz Blaser, junior student at Columbus High School. “We have different people doing different areas.”

The junior students of each school voted on this year's themes

Columbus High School went with the theme of "Paris" with a 17-foot-tall Eiffel Tower as its main centerpiece.

Junior students at Scotus voted on the theme “In the Center of the City” that was based on New York’s Central Park. A spacious display of the massive park served as the evening’s centerpiece.

Lakeview students agreed on "Arabian Nights" as their theme with mandalas and ribbons displayed all around its main gymnasium.

The prom at Lakeview and Scotus began with dinner arrangements at 8 p.m. Lakeview student had their dinner at Elks Country Club where they had a choice of eating steak or chicken.

CHS had a student-made Paris café that served refreshments and drinks.

Year after year, students have stuck to some traditional entertainment and activities. CHS and Scotus had disc jockeys playing music for the dance, whereas, students at Lakeview prepared the dance playlist for the evening.

The dances lasted from 9 p.m. through midnight.

Proms are particularly important for senior students because they -- in part -- serve as a celebration of their four-year journey at their high schools before graduation.

This year was Scotus senior Kaylie Rosha’s fourth prom and she said that this year’s decorations were by far the prettiest. Rosha appreciates the hard work put in by the junior students.

“I thought it would be a good time to reminisce with my classmates and just have fun together,” she said.

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