“What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight – it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” -Dwight Eisenhower

While getting ready to send out a second set of licensing reminder cards I looked through the list of pet names and I saw many common ones. Along with reminding people to license I thought I would share the most common names for pets in Columbus.

This is a collection of all licensed pets in Columbus. This list contains dogs, cats and exotic animals.

The top six pet names are:

• Bell with 50 pets named this in town.

• Charlie with 36 pets.

• Max at 30 pets.

• Maggie at 27 pets.

• Bud or Buddy with 26 pets.

• Grace or Gracie with 24 pets.

There are a few pets with more than two names in Columbus. Some in that list is Daisy Mae, Ellie Mae, Eddie Dean, Hazel Grace, Sir Wolfinton and Willow Creek Gracie. It is somewhat weird that there are only six Husker name fans in Columbus. I would have thought that there would be more. The same can be said about the three cats named Fluffy in Columbus. I would have thought that would be more cats named this.

There are quite a few interesting pet names in Columbus. Some of the names are Gizmo, Harley, Karma, Fozzie, Yako, Xena, and Xerxes. We have a cat named K9 and four pets named Kitten one of which is a dog. I think that the weirdest pet name would have to be a dog named unknown. No idea why they named their dog that but they might not even know.

As I said previously, there are still many people in Columbus that have yet to license their pets. Starting in March Animal Control will be going out to issue enforcements. I would rather not do this and hope that this reminder will get the ball rolling for those still needing to license.

You can go to your local vet clinics to pick up the license or to the Animal Control office. Tags are $13 for spayed/neutered pets and $25 for intact animals. You could also pick up a Lifetime License. This costs $100 for pets under 5 years old and $50 for pets over five years old. For a lifetime tag, your pet needs to be spayed/neutered and be microchipped. You vet clinic and Paws and Claws Adoption Center can assist you on the chipping.

It is our policy to get stray pets home as quickly as we can. Having them properly tagged can help this. When we pick them up at large and they are wearing a tag we can search the tag number on our database and take it home. Sworn officers also have this ability when we are closed. Quick return of your pet means that you do not have to pay the city fees for lodging your pet.

In addition, if there is an accident involving your pet we can get it to your vet clinic for proper treatment, if we cannot reach you. I would rather take your pet to your clinic since they know your pet and would, hopefully, know your wishes on how to handle the injury.

Lastly, if we find your pet deceased we can contact you and assist in getting closure. Many deceased animals never find their way home, which means the owner will never know if their pet is alive or dead. Although we do not want to know the worst, it is better than not knowing.

Shawn Flowers is lead officer for Columbus Animal Control.

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