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Uncontrolled bleeding injuries can result from natural and man-made disasters, as well as from everyday accidents at home, work, school or on the road.

When bleeding is severe, it can take a person’s life within minutes, potentially before trained medical responders arrive.

Research has proven that if we can provide the public with the basic tools and skills they need to stop life-threatening bleeding, we can save lives.

Stop the Bleed is a national program that provides the public with the education it needs to rapidly respond to people with life-threatening bleeding. Bystanders will always be the first on the scene and the nearest to someone with life-threatening bleeding. Stop the Bleed can take bystanders with little to no medical training and turn them into lifesavers.

Similar to training that teaches bystanders how to perform CPR and use automatic defibrillators, Stop the Bleed training teaches members of the public how to stop severe bleeding.

Stop the Bleed courses include instruction in the application of pressure dressings, as well as the use of tourniquets to quickly stop life-threatening bleeding until trained medical responders can arrive.

Columbus Community Hospital is now offering Stop the Bleed courses at no charge. The courses last about an hour, depending on the number of participants in the class. They include lecture and hands-on practice with tourniquets and pressure dressing. The courses are comprehensive and are designed so someone with no medical background can understand the material.

Stop the Bleed gives community members the security of knowing what to do if they witness life-threatening bleeding or are a victim of it themselves. Being prepared enables them to react appropriately to these situations and not panic when they happen. Improving the public’s awareness about how to respond to severe bleeding and expanding personal and public access to Bleeding Control Kits could be the difference between life and death for an injured person.

To sign up for a Stop the Bleed class or to set up a Stop the Bleed course for your school or organization, contact Sam Lozos at sjlozos@columbushosp.org or call 402-562-3192.

For more information on Stop the Bleed, visit www.columbushosp.org.

Sue Deyke, MSN, RN, CEN is the Emergency Department Director and Emergency Manager at Columbus Community Hospital and Samantha Lozos, RN, BSN, is the Stroke Coordinator/Trauma Coordinator for the Columbus Community Hospital.

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