COLUMBUS — Area students showed off their musical talents at the District II Music Contest.

The three-day event held last week at Central Community College-Columbus featured 345 entries in instrumental and vocal events. The first day of the competition on Thursday showcased pianists and string instruments. That was followed by bands, choirs and large ensembles on Friday. The contest ended Saturday with duets and soloists.

Individual and group performances were judged and awarded ratings ranging from I (best) to V. The results from area high schools are:

Columbus High School

Groups – Rating I: Jazz choir, percussion ensemble A, percussion ensemble B, percussion ensemble C, women’s chorus and women’s ensemble. Rating II: Band.

Individuals – Rating I: Luke Bogus, percussion; Grace Christensen, alto saxophone; Sarah Ernst, piano; Monykka Hazlett, flute; Samantha Hernandez, female voice; Allison Hyde, female voice and flute; Drew Korte, percussion; Brian Long, percussion; Bethany Magg, percussion; Joseph Massman, French horn; Lucas Miller, percussion; Jessie Nelson, female voice; and Zueer Yuan, piano. Rating II: Katrina Enderson, clarinet; Sarah Ernst, clarinet; Emmanuel Guzman, male voice; MaKenzy Kowalski, clarinet; Laura Munoz, female voice; Norah Renner, alto saxophone; Callie Stoeckle, alto saxophone; MaKenzee Umstead, clarinet; Samantha Wood, female voice; and Michael Wright, cornet/trumpet.

Lakeview High School

Groups – Rating I: Men’s vocal quintet, mixed vocal sextet, percussion ensemble, snare drum duet A, snare drum duet B, and women’s vocal ensemble. Rating II: Band, baritone duet, brass trio, clarinet duet, girls trio, mixed chorus and show choir.

Individuals – Rating I: Kaleb Buck, clarinet; Aaron Chin, percussion; Karen Effa, flute; Olivia Engel, female voice; Makenna Klug, female voice; Alexander Lesiak, percussion; and Cole Tessendorf, male voice. Rating II: Taylor Brewer, female voice; Emily Casanova, tenor saxophone; Emily Cunningham, female voice; Lucien Engel, violin; Maggie French, female voice; Julee Jaixen, female voice; Benjamin Lange, cornet/trumpet; Kassidy Soulliere, female voice; Sabrina Steffen, flute; and Emma Stewart, flute. Rating III: Olivia Engel, piano.

Scotus Central Catholic

Groups – Rating I: Baritone duet, female vocal ensemble, girls trio A, male vocal ensemble, mixed chorus, mixed duet B, saxophone quartet. snare drum duet and trumpet quartet. Rating II: Band, clarinet duet, flute trio, girls trio B, mixed duet A and trombone trio.

Individuals – Rating I: Emerson Belitz, cornet/trumpet; Nikki Hiner, female voice; Isaac McPhillips, tuba; Isaac Ostdiek, tenor saxophone; Nathan Ostdiek, cornet/trumpet; and Anthony Sprunk, male voice. Rating II: Emily Carstens, alto saxophone; Caitlin Hottovy, female voice; Jenna Salerno, female voice; Caitlin Steiner, female voice; Matt Strecker, tenor saxophone; and Elliott Thomazin, trombone.


Groups – Rating I: Band. Rating II: Girls triple trio and mixed chorus. Rating III: Girls duet.

Individuals – Rating I: Holly Kuhr, trombone. Rating II: Megan Bahns, cornet/trumpet; Sydney Folken, female voice; Cassandra Harper, female voice; and Garrett Schroeder, baritone.

Cross County

Groups – Rating I: Mixed chorus and mixed quartet. Rating II: Band and brass quintet. Rating II: Girls duet A. Rating III: Girls duet B.

Individuals – Rating I: Zane Dravitzki, tenor saxophone and Elizabeth Ewing, female voice. Rating II: Katheryn Galvan, female voice; Emily Harris, female voice; and Hannah Pfeifly, female voice.

David City

Groups – Rating I: Brass duet. Rating II: Band, brass trio, mixed chorus and mixed duet.

Individuals – Rating I: Spencer Allen, alto saxophone; Brooke Belle, cornet/trumpet; Kirsten Bell, flute; Kylie Hascall, cornet/trumpet; William Heller, clarinet; and Madison Soukup, clarinet. Rating II: Preston Beringer, male voice; Darin Hall, cornet/trumpet; and Bethany Tebbe, female voice. Rating III: Renay Sanley, female voice.

David City Aquinas

Groups – Rating I: Female vocal ensemble B, flute trio, girls sextet B, jazz band, saxophone quartet and show choir. Rating II: Band, female vocal ensemble A, girls sextet A, mixed chorus and trumpet trio.

Individuals – Rating I: Elizabeth Aschoff, alto saxophone; Emily Dalton, clarinet; Jacqueline Drozda, female voice; Kael Jakub, bassoon; Hannah Moravec, female voice; Lily Plasek, clarinet; Maria Pytlik, cornet/trumpet; William Reiter, piano; Hayden Schawang, percussion; Katherine Slama, female voice; Amanda Stuhr, alto saxophone; and Brandon Timoney, cornet/trumpet. Rating II: Caleb Brezina, tenor saxophone; Mary Fiala, flute; Caden Kozisek, baritone; Rebeca Rerucha, female voice; and Amanda Stuhr, female voice.

East Butler

Groups – Rating I: Alto saxophone duet, band, clarinet ensemble, flute trio, flute/clarinet duet, quad girls trio and trumpet ensemble. Rating II: Mixed chorus.

Individuals – Rating I: Amanda Aerts, female voice; Erin Barta, cornet/trumpet; Amber Cooper, clarinet; Brooklyn Jones, tuba; and Lauren Rezac, female voice. Rating II: Lexis Haney, cornet/trumpet, and Kailyn Hummel, flute.


Groups – Rating II: Band and mixed duet.

Individuals – Quinton Knopik, trombone.

High Plains

Groups – Rating II: Flute duet and High Plains Chorus. Rating III: Band.

Individuals – Rating I: Delaney Carlstrom, female voice. Rating II: Sierra Boroviak, female voice; Alyse Lill Carlson, female voice; and Bradley Powell, male voice.


Groups – Rating II: Band and mixed vocal small ensemble.

Individuals – Rating I: Zane Bertrand, male voice; Chris Bialas, bass clarinet; Kenny Osten, male voice; and Thea Thompson, female voice. Rating II: Yamine Bender, female voice; Monika Laudenklos, female voice; Colton Schmitz, male voice; and Trinity Young, female voice. Rating III: Triniti Gembica, female voice.

Humphrey St. Francis

Groups – Rating I: Mixed duet B. Rating II: Girls duet, mixed chorus, mixed double octet, mixed duet A and mixed quartet.

Individuals – Rating I: Dustin Ternus, male voice. Rating II: Lennae Eisenmenger, female voice; Riley Maple, female voice; Sam McPhillips, male voice; Erin Pfeifer, female voice; Wyatt Slama, male voice; and Olivia Wolken, female voice.


Groups – Rating I: Alto and tenor saxophone duet and girls duet. Rating II: Band and mixed quartet. Rating III: Flute quartet and mixed chorus.

Individuals – Rating I: Benjamin Lohrman, male voice, and Mollie Rathjen, flute. Rating II: Erika Burritt, female voice; Wynn Cannon, percussion; Cassie Caraway, female voice; Calli Carlson, flute; Brittany Merry, female voice; Ariane Rutter, female voice; Abby Skeels, clarinet; Wesley Tannehill, clarinet; andEthan Yungdahl, male voice. Rating III: Ethan Yungdahl, cornet/trumpet.


Groups – Rating I: Mixed duet. Rating II: Band, girls quartet, girls trio and mixed chorus.

Individuals – Rating I: Kasey Brabec, French horn; Jasmine de la Torre, piano; Erik Hernandez, male voice; Oscar Mendoza, cornet/trumpet; and Maria Semerad, baritone. Rating II: Chloe Beltrand, female voice; Connor Bywater, trombone; Jasmine de la Torre, female voice; Ashley Dias Correa, female voice; Dalia Hernandez, female voice; Brayden Rocha, male voice; and Jessica Sorsen, female voice. Rating III: Yessica Rodriguez, female voice.

Shelby-Rising City

Groups – Rating I: Saxophone sextet. Rating II: Band, clarinet duet, flute ensemble, percussion ensemble and small wind ensemble. Rating III: Girls duet, mixed chorus and trumpet sextet.

Individuals – Rating I: Connor Morrison, percussion. Rating II: Cecelia King, percussion, and Holden Vavricek, baritone saxophone.

Twin River

Groups – Rating I: Clarinet trio, mixed chorus and woodwind trio. Rating II: Band, boys vocal ensemble and girls vocal ensemble.

Individuals – Rating I: Payton Cherry, female voice, and Korie Rosno, female voice. Rating II: Tucker Alexander, male voice; Gracie Becker, female voice; Mary Czarnick, female voice; Michaela Morris, alto clarinet; Ezra Turpitt, male voice; and Caitlyn Van Winkle, female voice.

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