Northern Lites

Goedeken's Platte County 4-H Northern Lites club after installing a welcome sign on June 9 near Highway 91 and 130th Avenue between Creston and Leigh.

1. “Home in the heartland” (June 15)

The evening of Sunday, June 9, had a picture-perfect moment that Jill Goedeken will likely not forget anytime soon.

As the sun set, Goedeken and the kids in her Platte County 4-H Northern Lites club, as well as their parents, all spent a couple of hours installing a welcome sign near Highway 91 and 130th Avenue between Creston and Leigh. On this night, people of all ages were working and collaborating as a collective unit until the big green sign bearing the words “Platte County 4-H Clubs Welcome You!” was up for all to see.

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2. “All-star band to team up at Duncan Ribfest” (June 15)

In January, Steve Narans was talking with Tim Tarnick, a friend of his and fellow musician from Columbus.

Both had been in several Columbus-based bands over the years and were thinking of a way to get back into performing in a big way.

“I said to Tim, ‘Tim, we ought to put together an all-star band of all the bands that used to be playing in the late 60s and early 70s,’” Narans said. “He says, ‘Let’s try it!’”

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3. “Central makeover continues with new gym floor” (June 13)

Over the past 50 years Central Community College - Columbus has had its share of successful teams come and go at the Raider Fieldhouse.

The 1972-73 basketball team won the Region IX championship and made the NJCAA National Tournament, the 1975 volleyball team finished 12th in the NJCAA national tournament and the 2005 volleyball team made the final eight in the NJCAA national tournament.

All of these teams spent their sweat, their practice time and the highs and lows of competition on the same hardwood floor.

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4. “Fighting for survivors: 2019 Relay For Life of Platte County gets new venue” (June 15)

The 2019 Relay For Life of Platte County is moving on up – to the north end of town.

The community-based fundraising event for the American Cancer Society this year is relocating once again from 2018’s spot of Frankfort Square in the downtown district to the Columbus High School track, 3434 Discoverer Drive. It’s set to take place from 3-11 p.m. Saturday, June 22.

“There will be more parking and it provides seating for all of our survivors with the bleachers,” said Lindsey Rosno, who along with Robbin Cutsor and Suanne Boswell, is part of the local event’s leadership team.

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5. “Behlen celebrates 35 years of local ownership in Columbus” (June 14)

When Tony Raimondo, Dick Casey, Bob Theilen and Steve McGill orchestrated a leveraged buyout to purchase Behlen Mfg. Co. in 1984, the company was experiencing its fair share of pains.

The 1936 Columbus-founded company now has five facilities spanning three states, employing more than 900 people, but in the 80s the goal was simple: just make sure Behlen can keep its doors open.

“They didn’t really have longevity on their mind,” Behlen Mfg. Co. President/CEO Phil Raimondo said of when the buyout occurred. “It was really, ‘how do we save this company? Because we are in a lot of trouble.’ We had gone from being a really profitable company to, after the government passed the Pick Program to pay farmers to not grow crops (to not being one) – we were primarily a grain bin company.”

Read the full story here: https://bit.ly/2WOaiVe

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