Boom Blast Stix

Boom Blast Stix

By Moose Games ($14.99)

Who • 2 or more players, ages 6 and up

What • Stack the plastic “stix” before their arms come apart and the pile explodes.

What we thought • This is a low-tech, hilarious game that’s like Jenga, but with more kinetic energy. It’s a container full of 32, triangular “stix,” that act as springs that fly through the air if they come “unlocked.” Take turns stacking them on the lid or on a flat surface without making the pile explode. And yes, these little sticks fly all over your kitchen, family room, dining room. And you’ll scream and laugh, even if you play alone. A few stix didn’t want to stay locked, but with a little flexing we got them to work. This game was a hit, and our family went back to play again and again. We liked the plastic container the stix came in, too. One gripe: the directions use the words “badass” and “badassery,” in explaining the very simple rules, not necessarily language you’d want kids to use. What the heck, Moose Games? (VSH)

Rating • 4 stars