Humans Being

Humans Being

By Humans Being ($34.99)

Who • 3-16 players, ages 11 and up

What • Act out scenes in an improv game where players from two teams. Two players perform in each scene. One person draws a scene card, and the other draws a secret challenge card. The team players have to guess the secret challenge after the scene ends.

What we thought • The rules seemed convoluted, and the challenge cards made each scene very complex. Each player should have a basic understanding of improv rules to make the scenarios work. A list of improv rules is included, but they get lost in the small booklet of complicated instructions. It’s hard to figure out how to win this game, but we still enjoyed watching the hilarious scenarios each pair of performers came up with. The directions say the rules can be modified however the group desires, which is probably a good idea to make the game easier to play. The game allows for a lot of creativity and hilarious moments. (AS)

Rating • 3 stars