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“Every dog has his day, unless he loses his tail, then he has a weak-end.” — June Carter Cash

Every time I make popcorn I have a couple cats begging for some. One little popped corn is all they want and once I give it to them they normally go off to eat it. Pets beg, that’s what they do. They all want to have “human” food. It’s not if we give in or not, but what we are willing to share with our pets that matters. Animals seem to have a strong fortitude when it comes to eating, but some things are not good for them at all.

I recently read a news article about a dog that nearly died after eating sugar-free gum. The reasoning was because of the sugar substitute, xylitol. Even a tiny amount can be toxic for dogs. We need to be smart when we feed our pets human food. There are many websites out there that will give you a list of good and bad foods to feed them.

This list includes more than just candy. Grapes, tomatoes, mushrooms and strawberries are just a few of our favorite foods that should never be handed out to our pets. Even food seasonings such as garlic, salt and baking powder can be harmful. And never give your pet human medicine or vitamins unless directed by your veterinarian.

Not all foods are bad for your pet and some can be considered healthy. Bananas, cabbage and kiwi can be a healthy snack. Seasoning like cinnamon can be a nice treat. Another good treat in moderation with limited seasoning is popcorn.

On a side note, animal control would like to thank Police Chief William Gumm for his many years of service to this city. We would like to wish him the best and success for his future endeavors. Thank you for all your support.

Columbus Animal Control Officer Shawn Flowers can be reached at or 402-564-8839.


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