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To the Editor:

The article “Platte Co. Board Approves Bridge to Nowhere” was troubling on several levels.

I have owned land a little over one mile south of the site in question for 30-some years, and do not recall driving that road a single time, even when the bridge was still there. Also, I periodically drive a school bus in the general area (between Monroe and Genoa) and can state emphatically there is no justification for this $1.1 million expenditure. None!

The argument is weak that “if the county does not take the (federal and state) money, someone else will.” That translates to “we should go ahead and waste it here before they can waste it there!” I realize this piddling amount has no impact in the grand scheme of things, but it is symptomatic of an attitude that has led to us (U.S.) being not just broke, but several trillion dollars in debt.

Finally, while working a few decades for several state agencies, including chairing the government committee in the legislature, I consistently voiced this belief:

• The federal government is broken and has lost the support of a majority. Congress does not even bother with the nuisance of preparing and living within a budget anymore.

• State government is flawed at times, but still functional as a rule.

• Local government works best. I believe the actual prioritizing there, the separating “wants” from “needs” is critical. If the electorate ever loses faith in the tens of thousands of citizens willing to serve on city, county and school boards, we’ll have serious problems indeed.

Unfortunately, on this exercise I would give the county board an “F” and invite rebuttal to that opinion (hopefully in this space). Please include a list of area citizens who actually requested this project, if there were any!

Lee Rupp, Monroe


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