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Domina the pick for U.S. Senate

To the Editor:

I think most citizens today would agree on one thing – this great land known as the United States of America has lost its way. At no time in my lifetime do I recall a period when Congress has been so ineffective. Corporate power continues to grow while the needs and wishes of the middle class and poor appear to lessen in importance. Tuesday, Nov. 4 is one day when each of us can “fight back” by making time to vote.

I have voted every election for over 50 years. It’s been a long time since I have been as impressed with a candidate as I am Dave Domina for Senator. Dave was born in Nebraska and raised on a Nebraska farm. He has been involved in several small businesses. He is a well-known lawyer who has successfully represented individuals and large groups. I have personally known Dave for about five years and find him intelligent, caring and articulate.

I urge you to vote for Dave Domina for Senator. He would serve our state and its citizens well in Washington, D.C.

Nina Nelson, Columbus

Hassebrook is correct choice

To the Editor:

This year the choice for Governor is clear. Chuck Hassebrook! Few candidates will ever enter this office more qualified than Chuck. Chuck was born in Platte County and spent his childhood on a farm north of Platte Center. He graduated from Lakeview and the University of Nebraska.

He spent most of his adult life working for the Center for Rural Affairs rising to the position of Executive Director. He has dedicated his life to the issues of agriculture and rural development. He understands the major issues that face Nebraskans, has hands-on experience with these issues and can work with others to achieve common goals.

He has served on the Board of Regents and served for a time as the President of the Regents. Republicans have controlled the Regents for many years yet Chuck was able to work across the Party divide to accomplish common objectives for the University system and the State. These skills will be needed when coping with the diverse views of the Unicameral. The Governor’s office is not an entry level position and Chuck is the only candidate who can bring actual experience to that job.

His choice of Jane Raybold as his running mate is rock solid and reflects his dedication to excellence. Jane also has Platte County DNA. Her mother is from the Tarnov area. Jane is a well-educated pragmatic business woman who has served on the Lancaster County Board. Her skills would complement Chuck’s and those who know her are very confident that she could deftly lead the state should the need arise.

Chuck’s political affiliation should not discourage voters. In fact it is an asset. For well over 50 years Democratic Governors have worked well with our Republican legislatures for the benefit of the state. Jim Exon, Ben Nelson and Bob Kerrey have had very successful terms.

Tom Havelka, Columbus

More support for Democrats

To the Editor:

As the former editor and publisher of The Columbus Telegram, I had the opportunity to spend time with the Democrat and Republican candidates for governor.

Chuck Hassebrook is by far the superior candidate. He knows our state and has dedicated his career to Nebraska and the key issues we face.

His opponent is not cut from the same cloth. The Republican's outlook is a hodgepodge of borrowed plans focused on making the rich richer or at least keeping them that way. He is not one of us.

All Nebraskans are rich in lifestyle and opportunities to succeed. Chuck Hassebrook is the candidate who will ensure that such wealth continues to be available to all.

In the U.S. Senate race, we are offered a first hand view of what is wrong with our country.

Democrat Dave Domina, faces a Republican foe with a deviously crafted election strategy. During the GOP primary race, he cloaked himself in the ideology and rhetoric of the Tea Party and donned other ultra-conservative masks.

Once he eliminated the competition, he disappeared from the landscape like an early spring flower. He climbed in an RV with his family and spent the summer vacationing with his family at the expense of those who supported him in the spring.

Come election season, he was absent ... the empty chair at important political discussions.

Challenged on the point by a Columbus woman, he defended his absence by telling her he had visited all 93 counties. Unacceptable.

We have enough pretty faces whose heads are filled with vacuous ideology in the Senate.

Nebraskans deserve better, in Lincoln and Washington, D.C. Vote for Chuck Hassebrook. Vote for Dave Domina.

Jim Dean, Columbus


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