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Sasse not right choice for state

To the Editor:

Would Ben Sasse represent Nebraskans well? No.

Besides his stance on the in issues, Sasse does not want to debate, and he plans to live in Fremont, not Washington D.C.

On Sept. 21, Ben Sasse did not show up at a town hall meeting at Hastings City Auditorium to debate with other Nebraska U.S. Senate candidates. The event was organized by the League of Women Voters, the Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce and other civic groups.

The goal was to create an open forum in which Nebraska voters could better understand where the four candidates stand on the country’s biggest issues. According to the organizer, Ben knew well in advance of the event and said he would attend.

On Sept. 28, Ben Sasse appeared on an hour-long interview on KETV. He stated that he plans to live in Fremont and commute to Washington on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Being a Nebraska U.S. Senator is a full-time job in Washington. The other days of the week and evenings should be spent in Washington to meet with other senators and learn about issues. He is staying in Fremont to be with his family. Maybe his goal of being a U.S. Senator should be postponed until his family is older.

How can a senator represent Nebraskans if he isn’t in Washington and he does not want to debate?

Judy Trautwein, Columbus

Vote for Jenkins would send message

To the Editor:

I’m writing this letter in support of Jim Jenkins.

Mr. Jenkins has solid business experience. He’s started, built, managed and operated businesses such as Whiskey Creek and Skeeter Barnes. As a fifth generation rancher, Jim knows agriculture, our state’s largest industry. Jim is the managing partner of his family’s ranch and other agricultural operations.

Jim has led or served several organizations including: Ag Builders of Nebraska, Nebraska Corn-Fed Beef Program, UNL Center for Grassland Studies Advisor, Nebraska Ethanol Board, and University of Nebraska President’s Advisory Committee.

Jim Jenkins is not for or against a political party: he’s for Nebraska. He’s the Sensible Center.

Voting for Jim on November 4th will send a powerful message to our state and nation that non-partisan candidates are critical to solving problems in Washington.

Please consider voting for Jim Jenkins.

Billy Novak, Columbus


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