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To the editor:

In the last several weeks, I have noticed more and more panhandlers in the Columbus community than in the past. One particular panhandler was standing on a corner outside a local grocery store between the grocery store and gas station holding a sign “need money for family, please help." When her pockets apparently were full, she walked over to a fairly new Toyota Camry and deposited her funds. I was totally amazed that she received so many donations.

Last month, we visited a large box store in the Omaha area and witnessed a security guard approaching a panhandler. The guard requested the panhandler move off of the property. I inquired on the reason for the request and the security guard stated that “they do not allow panhandling on their property because they have job openings for all positions and feel that if people have time to panhandle they have time to work."

What a wonderful concept!

The Columbus community is brimming with job opportunities at all levels. Therefore, if people would stop aiding and abetting these panhandlers maybe they (the panhandlers) too would apply for one of the plentiful jobs in the community. Particularly since it appears that they too have the time to stand on a corner and collect donations from other hardworking taxpayers. Those funds you are giving away are not donations but instead “enablers."

Let us all help out our community and our local commerce by filling these unoccupied positions and reduce panhandling at the same time.

Jeanne Quinn



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