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Planned Parenthood of the Heartland announced it has enough applications for the state to begin offering "My Body, My Choice" license plates.

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Planned Parenthood of the Heartland says it has submitted enough applications to ensure its own license plates will be available as an alternative for Nebraska drivers once the state's "Choose Life" plates go on sale in January.

The Planned Parenthood plates, which read "My Body, My Choice," will cost $70. Motorists should be able to order them in the next few days, Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles Director Rhonda Lamm said Thursday.

In a news release, Planned Parenthood said it submitted 263 applications for the plate Tuesday, surpassing the state's requirement of 250 to begin printing an organizational plate.

The "Choose Life" plate, available Monday, only costs $5 because it was created by the Legislature, not through the application process.

Planned Parenthood representative Meg Mikolajczyk said the group's plate provides an opportunity for Nebraskans to share views on issues of women's health that counter the anti-abortion stance of their governor, lieutenant governor and a majority of state senators.

"After all, the majority of Nebraskans and Americans overall believe that a woman should maintain her right to reproductive choice as established under Roe v. Wade," Mikolajczyk said.

"Nebraska's First People" plates honoring Native Americans, also created by the Legislature, will be available Monday, as will a series of military honor plates for reservists.

Lamm said the "My Choice" plates can be ordered this week or next, depending on how quickly staff can get the applications processed and an order form online.

The first plates will then take three to four weeks to arrive, as they need to be printed by the Nebraska Department of Corrections and delivered to local DMV offices, she said.

Approval of the Planned Parenthood plates means Nebraska now has 33 specialty, organizational or military-honor designs available.


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