“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” Mahatma Gandhi

This week I would like to do something different. Instead of giving out information about animal related issues, I felt like introducing Animal Control. Many citizens know parts of Animal Control but may not fully understand who we are or what we do.

Animal Control is a part of the Columbus Police Department. As Animal Control Officers, we have the ability to issue enforcements under the Columbus City Ordinance Chapter 90. Chapter 90 has most of the animal related laws that we as citizens have to follow. The other laws that are not included in Chapter 90 are in the Nebraska State Statutes. We cannot issue enforcements for these statutes and must have a Sworn Officer do it for us.

I am Shawn Flowers, Lead Animal Control Officer. I have worked for the City of Columbus and Animal Control since 2013. I have lived in or around Columbus for the last 20 years but I grew up in Wayne. In my life I have had many different pets mainly dogs and cats. I also have owned a couple goats, a donkey, a pet mouse, and a canary.

Samantha Higgins is our full time Officer. She is native to Columbus. She has worked for Animal Control for one year but has worked with the City of Columbus since 2015. She also has owned many different pets including a Bengal cat.

Jodi Keeney is our part-time Officer and has worked for the City and Animal Control since last spring. She has been born and raised in and around Columbus. She also has been around pets most of her life. She formally worked at Paws and Claws.

When Animal Control is closed, the Columbus Police Department takes our calls. We also work closely with Paws and Claws. When we pick up an animal at large, we lodge it there. To get your pet you need to contact Animal Control. We also work with the various Vet Clinics in town. If we have an injured animal, we utilize the Clinics.

If you see us out in public, we have no problem answering questions. When off work I people have contacted via social media. There are times I answer but there are times that I might not get to it until my next shift. When Animal Control is not open its best to call and leave a voice message or if it is urgent call the Police Department.

Columbus Animal Control Lead Officer Shawn Flowers can be reached at sflowers@columbusne.us or 402-564-8839.