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Citizens deserve honest representation

Citizens deserve honest representation


Jan. 6, the day rioters violently entered the U.S. Capitol, was a catastrophic day of historic consequence. The U.S. Congress had the courage to return to their deliberations after the unprecedented attack. Later, in the dark of night, Nebraska third Congressional Representative Adrian Smith voted to object to accept the Electoral College votes that were certified for Joe Biden.

In an Omaha World Herald interview posted online, Mr. Smith indicated he voted this way because he is concerned about elections. Representative Smith, having served both in the Nebraska Unicameral and the House of Representatives in Washington, knows that election reform occurs at the state level. He should be sharing his election concerns with Nebraska State Legislators in Lincoln, not showboating in Washington.

He is trying to distract from the reality of his vote by disguising it with irrelevant concerns. It should have taken little courage and been straight forward to vote to accept the Electoral College votes as certified in the states.

At every level, from local voting precincts where people we know serve to help us cast our ballots all the way to U.S. Supreme Court which evaluated filed lawsuits for merit concerning alleged voting impropriety and found none, all the facts have shown the election to have been fair.

In reality, Mr. Smith was less than courageous. His vote was simply pandering to a portion of his base to retain his seat in Congress.

I grew up on a southeastern Nebraska farm where my parents taught me right from wrong. My fellow Nebraskans, the third Congressional district is made up of citizens who know right from wrong. What Mr. Smith did with his vote was wrong and we deserve better, more honest representation.

Jerold Ebke



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