To the editor:

Last week we attended the new Columbus Middle School open house. This was a $3.35 million conversion which turned the former Columbus High School into the new middle school. It is now the largest middle school in the state of Nebraska.

I was “very impressed” with the main gym and its new floor system and the refurbished auxiliary gym (which are so much larger than what CMS had in the old facility), the new additional class rooms, and the STEM, SPED and computer rooms. Although I received no complaints from the teacher, I thought the fine arts room was very small and didn’t allow enough room and storage for all the supplies needed to create. (It may be a tiny bit larger than what they had in the old facility, if any.)

I saw that most everything had a fresh coat of paint or a fresh clean look, until I got to the band/chorus room — what a disgrace! I was in the very first class to complete all three years in the “then new CHS” and I was appalled to find the band/chorus room still looked the same as it did when it was first built 59 years ago. All the old doors had tape and command strip remnants on them, the walls were scuffed up, and the floors were awful — what a mess. The stage floor in the auditorium is an absolute disaster.

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I realize that in Columbus “sports take top priority," but fine arts add culture — without it, life would be boring and mundane. Just imagine a world without beautiful music, visual arts or theatrics. Fine arts feed the soul and open up the mind to creative inspiration and learning — they should be encouraged. (After all, we do not all excel in athletics.)

Donna Dubsky


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