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To the editor:

We just got our bill from Spectrum. The price went up $25.53 to $163.37. Trying to negotiate a lower price (back to what it was) really becomes a walk through a maze or a shell game, and is an aggravation. We had this same problem with Time Warner but at the end of the conversation we would come to an agreement and stay with them. Not so with Spectrum.

Our son lives in Omaha, where the provider is Cox. They have TV service and triple the internet speed (compared to Spectrum) and pay only $79.05 per month.

We need some competition in Columbus. Let’s make an effort to get Cox Communications or another major provider here in town.

If you are as aggravated as we are contact Spectrum and let them know. Also, contact the mayor and council members and let them know we want good service at a reasonable price.

Todd and Kim Tobiason



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