I’m writing to share my opinion about the upcoming $12 Million bond vote for the Jr/Sr High building at Lakeview Community Schools.

Along with the bond, there are approximately $2 Million in “soft costs” (furniture, equipment, etc.) making the overall project an estimated $14 Million. The bond proposal includes some items I agree with, such as the needed upgrade to the heating and air conditioning system originally estimated at $4.5 Million that started the conversation about a potential bond request.

However, the wish list grew to include some things I do not agree with, such as a new Ag/Industrial Technology addition for approximately $1.7 Million (this would be in addition to the approximately $600,000 renovation to the existing Ag/Industrial technology area) and a new competition gym (this would be the 3rd gym at the Jr/Sr High building), with new locker rooms, and new athletic commons addition/corridor for approximately $4.5 Million.

With expected growth in the Lakeview District, this current proposal does NOT include anything for elementary. Another seven classrooms (K-6) may need to be added soon. The facility cost is one thing, but we will also have the ongoing costs for the additional teachers, utilities, upkeep, etc., which will require even more tax dollars every year.

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I’ve heard it said that today we enjoy the benefits of the decisions and sacrifices others made before us. In the same spirit with taxpayers, students, and community in mind, we need to work together as a District to truly “plan for the future” for Lakeview Community Schools and include the whole picture of education: Pre-school, elementary, Jr/Sr High, and career/college ready. The current $14 Million bond and proposal does NOT do that.

Dan Pabian


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