To the editor:

While speaking about the DACA Amnesty issuer recently, Congressman Mo Brooks of Alabama made the following remarks: “The answer lies in the American people understanding the con game that is being used by the Democrat Party on the one hand and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on the other. The two of them are working as allies; they do more to hurt the standard of living for blue-collar and middle-income Americans than anyone else in our economy. Both the Democrat Party and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce favor a tsunami of foreign labor for different political reasons. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce wants cheap labor to push down labor rates across the board regardless of the damage done to American families, while the Democrat Party sees these foreign workers as displacing the vote of American citizens to the benefit of Democrats’ Party candidates.” Is this true? I think so.

For example, here in Columbus, as in many other communities throughout Nebraska, large apartment complexes are now being planned courtesy of taxpayer subsidies. Despite the fact that such developments will open the door to increased competition for jobs that already pay below-average wages, Chamber and government proponents tell us these subsidized developments will be good for taxpayers and the existing workforce. Informed people know that this is neither true nor possible.

Given that Columbus’ labor force is 452 workers smaller today than in 2000, and 1,384 smaller than at its peak in 2007, only a fool would have risked his/her own money building a large apartment complex.

So, should taxpayers feel any obligation to help replenish a workforce that employers deplete? No. Should anyone be surprised that big business wants taxpayers to lower the cost of housing for new workers rather than raise wages to attract the workers they need? No. Do many taxpayers understand this? No. Do any care? Not quite yet.

John Curry