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To the editor:

I watched the State of the Union address Tuesday night. Something I have not done in quite awhile. I thought President Trump gave a very good speech. He touched on quite a few issues, from tax reform to paid family leave, medical, infrastructure, illegal immigration and many others. He called on Congress to work together to get these things done.

The one thing I did notice during the speech was the cameras by the news media. They showed the Republicans clapping to what the president was saying, but never the Democrats sitting on their hands. You could catch a glimpse of them every once in awhile when the camera crews would screw up.

I thought the Democrats wanted to work together to get things done? Sure did not look like it to me Tuesday night.

He gave an outline of immigration reform including a path to citizenship for 1.8 million illegal immigrants, and I don't know if the Democrats even clapped about that.

The Democrats are showing their true colors. Ever since Trump got elected president they act like a bunch of babies when they don't get their way. It has been over a year since lying Hillary lost the election and they still can't get over it. Well, news flash, get over it. If President Trump can only accomplish half of what he talked about Tuesday night, it will be great.

Joe Boruch


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